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VT141CD They Sailed Away from Dublin Bay


 The explosion of Irish music in 1950s London included two influential players. One, from Tyrone, a trend-setter amongst banjo players who was renowned for his partnership with the late accordeon player Raymond Roland in the thriving Irish music scene at the White Hart and the Hibernian dance hall in Fulham Broadway. The other from Offaly with an original and animated style on the Paolo Soprani accordeon was meanwhile leading the resident ceili band at the Galtymore in Cricklewood.Liam Farrell and Joe Whelan became very much part of the current mainstream of Irish music in London, having played together for approaching two decades, on occasion with the London-born Roscommon flute player James Carty and with Reg Hall, who first vamped the piano with them back in the 1960s.


1. Jigs: The Blooming Meadows / The Lark in the Morning (2.39)

2. Reels: George White's Favourite / The Galway Rambler (3.09)

3. Waltzes: The Trip over the Mountain / Continental Waltz (3.48)

4. Reels: Paul Brock’s / Mary McNamara’s (5.15)

5. Jigs: Paddy O’Brien’s / The Flying Wheelchair (3.45)

6. March & Reel: The Battle of Aughrim / Raymond Roland's (3.20)

7. Reels: Travers' / The Chicago (3.25)

8. Single Jigs: Kathleen Hehir's / Moyglass Fair (4.36 )

9. Reels: Sean Ryan’s / Martin Wynne’s / Ormond Sound (3.29)

10. Hornpipes: The Good Natured Man / The Fairy's Hornpipe (2.45)

11. Jigs: Charlie Lennon's / Dusty Window Sills (3.59)

12. Reels: The Maid of Mount Cisco / The Abbey (3.36)

13. Polkas: Taylor’s Cross / All the Way to Galway / Barna Polka (3.01)

14. Jigs: Paddy Fahy's / The Rakes of Clonmel (3.59)

15. Waltzes: They Sailed Away from Dublin Bay  / The Pretty Girl Milking her Cow (3.35)

16. Reels: The Holly Bush / The Congress (3.22)


































































OSSCD25 Music for the Set


Set dance music from the Sliabh Luachra accordion master. Lots of unusual tunes played as only Johnny could.


Complete Polka Set:

    1. (polka) Doyle's

    2. (polka) Sweeney's

    3. (Jig) The Goat on the Green

    4. (polka) Din Tarrant's

    5. (slides) Murphy’s /O’Keefe’s /Tarrant’s

    6. (hornpipes) Mike Sullivan's Tom Billy's

7. (Jigs) Con Carthy's

8. (polkas) Din Tarrent's

9. (slides) The Worn Torn Petticoat /Denis O’Keefe’s Favourite

10. (slides) The Brosna Slide /The Scartaglen Slide /Padraig O’Keefe’s Favourite

11. (polkas) The Tourmore Polkas

12. (jigs) Neil Sullivan's

13. (slides) If I Had a Wife /No Name

14. (reels) The Musical Priest /Charlie Mulvihill's /The Doon Reel

15. (jigs) Art O'Keefe's

16. (polkas) O'Sullivan's Fancy

17. (slides) The Gallant Tipparary Boys /Off She Goes

18. (jig) Ellen O'Leary's















































































CEFCD033 Tony MacMahon


Tony MacMahon's accordion album has been used as a measure of quality for years. Irish button box playing at its very best. Mainly self-taught his playing has touches of piping and fiddle styles in it, and his box has a pleasant mellow tone. Originally released on vinyl in 1972.

1. Reels: The Morning Dew - Joe Cooley's Fancy
2. Jig: The Long Note
3. Reel: The College Groves
4. Air: The Wounded Hussar
5. Hornpipe: The Wicklow Hornpipe
6. Air: The Dear Irish Boy
7. Slides: The Gleanntan Slide
8. Reels: The Bank of Ireland - Cawley's Reel
9. Slip Jig: The Kid On the Mountain
10. Air: O Love of My Heart
11. Double Jig: The Old Grey Goose
12. Reels: The poor Scholar - The Heather Breeze
13. Double Jigs: Sonny Brogan's Fancy - Brian O'Lynn
14. Air: John O'Dwyer of the Glem
























































CEFCD114 I gCnoc na Graí


On Friday night, October 18th, 1985, Tony MacMahon (Button accordion) and Noel Hill (concertina) got together with a group of Clare dancers to make this recording in Dan Connell's pub in Knocknagree on the Cork and Kerry border. Dan Council's roaring fire and Johnny Leary's warm welcome fending off the October chill - it was for all the world like the house dances of long ago: the music loud and exuberant, boots battering the timber floor and the great people of Knocknagree pressed tightly around, urging players and dancers to ever greater heights of wild and elegant sound.

1. Reels: The Humours of Castlefin
2. Reels: The Ash Plant
3. Slow Air: Port na bPucai
4. Jigs: Young Tom Ennis
5. Reels: The Pure Drop
6. Reels: The New Custom House
7. Jig: The Gold Ring
8. Jig: Cooley's Jig
9. Reels: The Old Concertina Reel
10. Set Dance: The Ace and Deuce of Piping
11. Reels: The Green Groves of Erin
12. Hornpipe: Paul Halfpenny
13. Reels: The New Mown Meadow
14. Jigs: The Trip to Athlone
15. Slow Air: Aisling Gheal






















































CEFCD044 Cooley


Recorded in 1973 in various pubs, this is fantastic lively accordion music at its best.

1. The Wise Maid
2. Last Night's Fun
3. Daniel O'Connell
4. Boys of the Lough - Miss Monaghan
5. Crowley's Reel
6. The New Custom House
7. The Blackthorn
8. The Boyne Hunt
9. The Humurs of Tulla - The Skylark - Roaring Mary
10. The Bucks of Oranmore
11. Queen of the Fair - The Carraroe Jig
12. My Love She's in America
13. Farrell O'Gara
14. The Ships are Sailing
15. Dowd's Number Nine
16. The Dawn
17. Sailor on the Rock






































































CEFCD050 Mick Mulcahy


Mick takes his Button accordeon style from the likes of Joe Cooley and Tommy McCarthy - a beautiful older melodeon style, but adds his own personal touch. On this classic recording from 1796 he plays a great selection of tunes.

1. Reels: The Green Mountain - Mulvihill's Reel
2. Reels: Lucy Campbell - Toss the Feathers
3. Jigs: Tubercurry Jig - Tom Billy's Jig
4. Reels: The Knotted Chord - The Humours of Tulla
5. The Sailor's Bonnet - Last Night's Fun
6. Jigs: Apples in Winter - The Carraroe Jig
7. Reels: Paddy On the Railroad - Paddy Gone To France
8. Reels: The Skylark - The Bucks of Oranmore
9. Reels: The Green Fields of Rosbeigh - Casey's Reel
10. Jigs: Cherish the Ladies - Strike the Gay Harp
11. Hornpipes: Scully Casey's - The Blackbird
12. Reels: The Blackthorn - The Sailor on the Rock
13. Jigs: Mulvihill's Jig - Jackson's Jig
14. Reels: Swinging On the Gate - Celia's Favourite
15. Reels: The Donegal & Dublin Reel































































CEFCD143  Agus Cairde


Traditional Irish music is at its best in a good warmhearted session and that is what you can hear on this recording. Accordion player Mick Mulcahy, originally from Brosna, now living in Abbeyfeale, has a comfortable and stylish way of music making. Together with old friend, Mel Mercier, he gives us sixteen tracks of his spirited, homely music.


1. Rileanna: Woman Of The House/Mrs. Crotty's/Craig's Pipes
2. Poirt: Sean Ryan's/Charlie Mulvihill's
3. Rileanna: The Ballaghaderreen Fair/The Cow On The Bonnet
4. Cornphiopai:Caislean An Oir/The Cameron Highlanders
5. Poirt: Mulvihill's/The Boys Of Tandrage
6. Polcai: Julia Cliffords/The Knocknagree Polka
7. Rileanna: McDermott's/Harris's Reel
8. Poirt: The Mist Covered Mountain/Willie Clancy's
9. Rileanna: Castlekelly/Sporting Nell/The Cooraclare Reel
10. Poirt: The Creel Of Turf/Whelan's
11. Rileanna: The Mountain Top/Tomin O'dea's Farewell To Cranny
12. Sleumhnain: Cronin's/Behind The Bush In The Garden
13. Poirt: Noonday Feast/Smash The Windows
14. Polcai: The Sliabh Luachra Set
15. Rileanna: Devanney's Goat/The Virginia Reel
16. Poirt: Hughie Traver's/The Trip To Clarina


























































CICD 180 Reelin' in Tradition


Following their outstanding 2005 recording 'Notes from the Heart' on the Cló Iar-Chonnachta label, Mick Mulcahy and his daughters Louise (26) and Michelle (24) are back with a new album, Reelin’ in Tradition. If their first album was a revelation for the rhythmic and beautiful Mulcahy sound – as well as the virtuosity across several instruments of Michelle and Louise – Reelin’ in Tradition presents a new level of musicianship exploring their collective repertoire.Mick, Louise and Michelle Mulcahy regularly perform in Ireland the USA and have an unmistakeable, infectious sound. As Martin Hayes writes, ‘I first became familiar with the music of Mick Mulcahy from his first solo recording... I remember that both my father and I felt that his music had a great depth of feeling. That same feeling that first made an impression on me has been handed on to his daughters and continues all the way through this recording.'

1. Reels: Mullingar Races / Coen's Memories / Jim Donoghue's
2. Jigs: Munster Buttermilk / The Sheep in the Boat / Charlie Mulvihill's
3. Reels: The Pullet / The Boys of Portaferry / The Dunmore Lassies icon
4. Polkas: Captain Moonlight's Army / Tom Billy Murphy's / Johnny O'Leary's
5. Jigs: Happy to Meet Sorry to Part / Martin Hardiman's
6. Reels: Down the Broom / The Bush in Bloom icon
7. Jigs: James McMahon's / The Fairhaired Boy / John McKenna's
8. Reels: Devanney's Goat / The Flax in Bloom
9. Jigs: Hughie Travers / What Would I Do if the Kettle Boiled Over?
10. Hornpipes: The Home Ruler / Jerry Daly's
11. Slow Air: Mountains of Pomeroy icon
12. Reels: Mick O'Connor's / McDonagh's / McCabe's
13. Jigs: Kitty Lie Over / Connie the Soldier
14. Reels: The Sailor's Jacket / Wexford Lasses
15. Jigs: Jerry Holland's / Humours of Rahey / Paddy Conneely's
16. Reels: Maids of Castlebar / Toss the Feathers / Lucy Campbell





























































TSCD358 Music of Sliabh Luachra


Released in 1977, Jackie Daly's remarkable debut of music from the Sliabh Luachra, the mountainous border between Cork and Kerry, has long been recognised as an important landmark recording. It captured Daly at the peak of his powers and helped to re-establish the accordion as an important instrument in Irish music.


Polkas: Tom Sullivan’s/ Johnny Leary’s/ Jim Keefe’s
Slides: Keefe’s/ The Clog
Air: Tir Na Nog
Hornpipe: Callaghan’s
Reels: The Rising Sun/ The Pope’s Toe
Polkas: The Glin Cottage Polkas
Slides: Paudy Scully’s/ The Gallant Tipperarary Boys
Hornpipe: Walsh’s
Polkas: Jim Keefe’s/ Ballyvournie Polka/ Johnnie Mickey’s
10  Slides: Trip To The Jacks/ Where Is The Cat?
11  Air: The Banks Of Sullane
12  Single Reels: Biddy Martin’s/ Ger The Rigger
13  Reels: The Glenside Cottage/ Taim Gan Airgead
14  Air: Willie Reilly
15  Slides: Murphy’s/ Going To The Well For Water












































































CEFCD176 Many a Wild Night


This exciting recording beautifully reveals the art of accordion playing at its very best. Jackie has chosen a wonderful selection of seldom-heard tunes, all played with a rhythmic and infectious style that has made his a household name.

1. Polkas: Many a Wild Night - All Along the River Bank - The Christmas Polka
2. Jigs: The Thatched Cabin - Johnny Dennehy's
3. Reels: Craig's - Sunday Night - The Kilfenora Reel
4. Slow Air: Ag Taisteal na Blarnan
5. Hornpipes: By The Old Fairy Fort - Lad O'Beirne's
6. Slides: Forget Your Troubles - O'Connor's - The Glounreagh Slide
7. Reels: The Fly Fishing Reel - McIllhatton's Retreat
8. Hornpipes: The Clockhouse - The Old Court
9. Jigs: Coleman's - Fanning's - Teddy O'Neill
10. Reels: The Allow - The Dualloa
11. Slow Air: Maidin Ro-Mhoch
12. Polkas: Rose Anne's - The Old One - The Rambling Sailor
13. Slides: Crossroads Fling - Cock O' The North - Chase Me Charlie
14. Reels: Buck Moran's - Paddy O'Sullivan's - The Dairymaid



















































CEFCD057 Sesmus Creagh - Jackie Daly


One of the greatest musical traditions in Ireland is that which belongs to the music of Sliabh Luachra, home of some of the best traditional music we are ever likely to hear. The finest exponents of this music must certainly be Jackie Daly (Button accordion) and Séamus Creagh (Fiddle).

1. Seamus O Caoimh
2. Cailini Mha Cromtha
3. An Gleann Faoi Dhraiocht
4. An tEar Ar An gCrann
5. Con O Conaill
6. Liam O Suilleabhain
7. A Oganaigh An Chuil Chraobaigh
8. Brid Mhin Bhaile Mhu'irne
9. Cornphiopa Ui Bhroin
10. Bi Liom/Sortanna Suiri
11. A Brat Chomh Deas Glas
12. Sean Mhici Padraig O Caoimh
13. Donncha O Murchu
14. An Tailliuir Ban
15. Na Ceithre Thiomaint








































































CEFCD115  Omos Do Joe Cooley


Renowned accordionist Paul Brock and fiddler Frankie Gavin combine their talents in paying this fine tribute to the legendary traditional accordion player Joe Cooley without submerging their own technique or musical personality.


1.  Reels: Cooley's - The Wise Maid.

2. Reels: Over the Moor to Maggie - Dowd's Number Nine.

3.  Hornpipes: The Stack of Wheat - Miss Galvin's.

4.  Reels: Mike Flanagan's - The Milliner's Daughter.

 5. Jigs: Clancy's - The Scotsman Over the Border.

6.  Reels: Lafferty's - My Love is in America.

7.  Reels: The Sailor on the Rock - Temple House - The Lilies in the Field.

8.  Reels: The Fermoy Lassies - Hand Me Down the Tackle.

9.  Jigs: My Darling's Asleep - The Queen of the Fair.

10. Reels: The Mullingar Races - The Humours of Westport.

11.  Hornpipes: The Derry - The Fisher.

12.  Reels: The Sally Gardens - The Ships are Sailing - The Wild Irishman - The Coalminer - The Skylark.































































CICD 089 Free Spirit


Accordion-player Martin Donohoe hails from Cavan town, and was inspired at a young age by the playing of Hennie Quinn and Brendan Carmichael. He has travelled extensively throughout Europe and America, and won many prizes for his highly creative playing.

1. Harlings
2. Soft Horse
3. Robert The Minnow
4. Inisheer
5. Francis John's
6. Westland
7. The Guns Of The Magnificent Seven
8. Come Over The Mountains
9. Maura O'Keefe's
10. Patsy Maloney's
11. Porthole Of The Kelp
12. Kate O'Brien's
13. Daithi
14. Kinnegard Slashers
15. John D. McGurk's
16. Tamlin
17. Nollaig's
18. Feet Of A Dancer
19. I Know My Love


































































CICD 136 Ó Chicago go Carrachán


This long-awaited first album from Maidhc Dainín Ó Sé contains a selection of music, song and verse. Accompaniment is provided by his son Caoimhín, as well as Fergus Flaherty, John Brown and Eugene Kelly, and also includes guest musicians Johnny Connolly on melodeon, accomplished fiddler Nóirín Ní Ghrádaigh and Aisling Ní Neachtain on harp.

1. Sleamhnáin / Slides icon
2. Amhrán na Mianach
3. Polcaí / Polkas
4. Ríleanna / Reels
5. Polcaí / Polkas
6. Eochaill
7. Ríl / Reel
8. Dán / Poem
9. Na Bearta Crua
10. Polcaí / Polkas icon
11. Sleamhnáin / Slides
12. Cornphíopaí / Hornpipes
13. Oileán Dhún an Óir
14. Port / Jig



































































CICD 156 The Music of Kevin Keegan


Kevin Keegan was a legendary box player and this is the first recording of his music to be released. The album was compiled by his friend and fellow box player Joe Burke, and by his brother Vincent Keegan, mainly from recordings donated by friends. It attempts to capture the spirit of the music and of the man for all time.

1. Talk: Kevin Keegan
2. ]igs: Contentment is Wealth/The Cat in the Corner
3. Hornpipe: Dunphy's Hornpipe
4. Reel: Dinny O'Brien's
5. Song: The Little Thatched Cabin
6. Hornpipe: The High Level
7. Talk: Padraicin McGillicuddy, Radio KPFA
8. Waltz: Kevin Keegan's Waltz
9. Jigs: The Rambles of Kitty/The Pipe on the Hob, version 2
10. Reels: Maid among the Roses/Rolling in the Rye Grass
11. Song: Adeste Fideles (introduced by Eoin O'Kelly)
12. Hornpipe: An Comhra Donn
13. ]igs: Moloney's Wife/The Blackthorn Stick
14. Talk: Voice of Joe Cooley
15. Reels: The High Reel/The Bunch of Keys
16. Jigs: The Trip to Athlone/The Pipe on the Hob
17. Reel: George Whyte's Favourite
18. Hornpipes: Off to California/The Harvest Home
19. Clan March/: The Battle of Aughrim
20. Talk: Richard Lundy; Ellen Patterson
21. Reels: I Wish I Never Saw You/The Pullet
22. Long Dance: The Blackbird
23. Waltz: The Cuckoo

































































CICD 155  The Kitchen Recordings


The title of the album says it all this recording of Irish music on banjo or bouzouki and button accordion was recorded in the O'Driscoll kitchen on a Sony four-track recorder. That is not, I hasten to add, a comment on the technical quality of the production, rather, it reflects what we have: the old tunes, admirably played out by two great players who know their way up and down and over the back of their instruments.


1. Reels: The Trip to Birmingham / Down the Broom / The Ivy Leaf
2. Hornpipes: Sliabh na mBan / The City of Savannah
3. Reels: Eddie Kelly's / The Culfadda / Eddie Kelly's
4. Slow Reels: Johnny Henry's / The Lilies in the Field
5. Jigs: Tom Billy Murphy's / The Cooraclare / The Cuil Aodha
6. Reels: The Palm Tree / Kilty Town
7. Flings: The Cuil Aodha / Nettles in the Soup
8. Reels: The Ballydesmond / Cnoc na gClaracht
9. Air & Jigs: An Goban aor / The Muskerry Tram / Garrett Barry's
10. Reels: Bill Maley's / The Berehaven / The Stone in the Field
11. Jigs & Slip Jig: The Nightingale / The Return to Burton Road / Na Ceannabhain Bhana
12. Reels: Father Kelly's / The Whistling Postman / The West Clare
13. Reels: The Blackthorn Stick / The Sailor on the Rock
































































OSS CD 112 Séamus Creagh, Aidan Coffey


They are among the elite of modern day box /fiddle duos and have performed together all over the country. This album captures all the energy and spontaneity of a mighty fireside session. The majority of the tracks are first takes and feature the superb bouzouki accompaniment of Seán Ó Loinsigh.

1. Reels: The Trip to Cullenstown / The Blacksmith
2. Jigs: Hughie Travers / The Cat in the Corner
3. Polkas: Johnny O'Leary's 1 & 2
4. Waltzes: Muistoja Karpaateilta
5. Reels: The Providence / The Humours of Westport
6. Slides: The Ceanngulla / The Gleanntán Frolics
7. Hornpipe: The Derry
8. Jigs: The Gold Ring 1 & 2
9. Jigs: The Humours of Driinagh / Johnny O'Leary's / Seanduine Dóite
10. Hornpipes: The Old Blackguard / The Glenbeigh
11. Reels: Johnny Allen's / The Cúil na nGabhar
12. Polkas: Matt Teehan's 1 & 2
13. Slow Air: 'Sé Fáth mo Bhuartha
14. Jigs: Paddy Taylor's / John Mahinney's No. 1
15. Reels: Mulqueen's / The Moving Cloud

























































OSS CD 70 A Small Island


Traditional music from Cork on box, fiddle and keyboards. Pat Sullivan is a box-player with a lively, energetic style which has endeared him to set-dancers in particular. Vince Milne is an imaginative and flamboyant fiddle-player from the Clonakilty area of West Cork. Bríd Cranitch is widely respected as a keyboard player who is never content to limit herself to the monotonous vamping we sometimes hear from céilí band pianists.

1. Jigs: Both Meat and Drink / Tobin's Favourite / Michael Coleman's Jig
2. Tune: Thomas Burke
3. Tunes: The Three Tunes
4. Reel: Lord Gordon
5. Tunes: Carolan's Dowry / Sean McGovern's (Polka) / Knocknagree Polka (Polka)
6. Jigs: Paddy O'Brien's Jig / The New House / Sean Maguire's Jig
7. Reels: The Maid Behind the Bar / George White's Favourite
8. Hornpipes: West the Hill / Paddy O'Brien's Hornpipe
9. Slides: Cúil Aodha Slides
10. Tune: Captain O'Kane
11. Slip Jigs: Barney Brannigan's / The Sport of the Chase icon
12. Reels: Rattigan's / Dublin Porter / The Woman of the House































































CICD 175 Up and Coming - Ó Ghlúin go Glúin

Brothers Oisín and Conal Hernon are two young musicians from the Aran Islands who, although just sixteen and thirteen years of age respectively, display the musical ability and skills of musicians twice their age. They began playing music when they were very young, both starting out on tin whistle, with Oisín moving to button-accordion at the tender age of six and Conal taking up banjo at the age of nine. It wasn't long before they began playing in competitions and they have amassed a long list of prizes over the years, including All-Ireland titles on button-accordion and banjo.

1. Reels: Richard Dwyer's / The Flax in Bloom
2. Jigs: Mick Quinn's / The Stormy Night
3. Hornpipe and Reel: The Kildare Fancy / Trim the Velvet
4. Reels: Lucy Campbell's / Sheila Coyle's / McFadden's Favourite
5. Jigs: The Luck-Penny / Dinny O'Brien's
6. Sean-Phádraic
7. Hornpipes: The Plains of Boyle / The Friendly Visit
8. Reels: O'Dowds No. 9 / The Collier's Reel
9. Slow Air: An Goirtín Eornan
10. Jigs: The Queen of the Fair / The Rambling Pitchfork
11. Reels: The Drunken Tinker / The Donegal Traveller icon
12. Jigs: The Renmore Jig / Philomena's Fancy icon
13. Hornpipes: The North Shore / Paddy Fahy's
14. Slow Air: Úrchnoc Chéin Mhic Cáinte
15. Reels: The Moving Cloud / The Mason's Apron icon
16. Bonus Tune: The Way I Are

























































CHCD054 Music for Set Dancing Vol.2


Johnny comes from Scartaglin in the heart of Sliabh Luachra.He was born into a family steeped in traditional music. At an early age his love of music was encouraged by his Uncle Willie, himself a well-known musician. Willie taught Johnny the accordion and in a very short time Johnny was well known on the Feis ceol and Fleadh Ceol circuit winning seventy-four First Prizes in seventy-four Competitions. Johnny is an accomplished musician and plays many instruments but his first love has always been the accordion. Johnny enjoys playing all types of traditional music but he is best known for his lovely rendition of Polka Set music and the crowd’s knock sparks off the floor at every Dance.

Sliabh Luachra Set 

1. Polkas: Jerome Burke's /Pádraig O'Keeffe's /Munster Bank

2. Polkas: Untitled /Kenmare Polka /Johnnie Mickey's
3. Jigs: Untitled /Tripping Up the Stairs /Mist on the Meadow
4. Polkas: Ballydesmond Polka /Jimmy Doyle's
5. Slides:  Behind the Bush in the Garden /Untitled /Weavers
6. Hornpipes: Greencastle Hornpipe /Golden Eagle

Caledonian Set

7. Reels: Lad O'Beirne's /Newtown Bridge

8. Reel: Boys of Ballisodare
9. Reels: Jackie Dalys /Master McDermott's /Mountain Road

10. Jigs: Kitty's Wedding /Willie Coleman's Jig /Lark in the Morning

11. Reels: Maid of Mount Kisco /George White's Favourite /Foxhunter's Reel
12. Hornpipes: Home Ruler /Cronin's Hornpipe /Rickett's Hornpipe

The West Kerry Set

13. Polkas: Padraig O'Keeffe's /Knocknaboul Polka
14. Polkas:  Johnny Box /Ballydesmond Polka /John Ryan's Polka
15. Jigs: Out on the Ocean /Darby the Driver /Kesh Jig

16. Polkas: Peg Ryan's /Terry 'Cuz' Teahan's Polka /Maid of Ardagh

17. Slides: Dingle Regatta /Forget Your Troubles /Pete Bradley's

18. Hornpipes: Kitty's Wedding /Fort of Kincora

Connemara Set

19. Reels: Trip to Durrow /Maid behind the Bar
20. Reels: Sally Gardens /Old Concertina Reel /Christmas Eve

21. Reels: Silver Spear /Humours of Tulla /Gravel Walks
22. Polka: Maggie in the Wood



























































TRADCD004 Buail Cois Air


A straightforward album by the famous Connemara and Sligo accordion player P.J. Hernon. There are 24 tracks in all, arranged to provide the music for five popular sets, the Connemara, the South Galway, the Aran, the Mazurka, and the Plain. Given Hernon’s long experience with playing for dancers, this is almost like an expose on how it should be done, but one that is quite enjoyable to listen to as well. Nice tunes, great lift, eminently danceable with Micheal O'hEidhin: piano

The Connemara Set
1. Reels: Miss McLeod's / The Swallow's Tail
2. Reels: The Heather Breeze / Joe Mhaire / Hand Me Down the Tacklings
3. Reels: The Colliers / My Love is in America
4. Polka: The Maggie (melodeon style)

The South Galway Set
5. Reel: First House in Connaught
6. Reel: Sailor on the Rock
7. Reel: Tear the Calico
8. Jig: Castletown Connors
9. Reel: The Bucks of Oranmore

The Aran Set:
10. Reels: The Silver Spear / Miss McLeod's
11. Reels: Joe Derrane's / Maid of Mount Cisco / Come West Along the Road
12. Polka: Maggie in the Wood

The Mazurka Set
13. Reels: The Bird in the Bush / George White's
14. Reels: The Teetotaller / St. Anne's
15. Reels: St. Patrick's Night / Iniscealtra
16. Reels: Josephine Keegan's / Brosnan's Reel
17. Reels: Lady Ann Montgomery / Maude Miller
18. Reels: The Foxhunter / Drowsy Maggie / Captain Rock

The Plain Set
19. Reels: The Plough and the Stars / The Swallow's Tail
20. Reels: Tim Moloney's / Christmas Eve
21. Reels: The Green Gates / The Green Groves / The Galway Rambler
22. Reels: The Sally Gardens / The Sligo Maid / Molloy's / The Boys of Ballisodare
23. Jigs: Ships in Full Sail / The Blackthorn Stick
24. Reels: The Jolly Tinker / Cregg's Pipes


































































NCMCD100 The Morning Mist


A new album from legendary and master accordion player Joe Burke with piano accompaniment from Charlie Lennon. A legend in his own lifetime, this new album affirms his status as one of Ireland's greatest living musicians. His sheer musical brilliance, his knowledge and love of the land, its music and culture have earned him an immortal place in the hearts of Irish music lovers all over the world.

1. The Dawn & the Morning Mist (Reels)
2. My Darling Asleep & Cailleach An Airgid (Jigs)
3. Mcmahons & Tha Ballyoran (Hornpipes)
4. The Lament for Aughrim (Alr)
5. The Scholar & Pretty Peggy (Reels)
6. Currants for Cakes and Raisins for Everything & the Frog in The Well
7. Le Petiti Accordion (Musette)
8. The Heathery Breeze & Rigneys Reel (Reels)
9. The Green Fields of Canada (Air)
10. Bonnie Kate & Jenny\'s Chickens (Reels)
11. The Laird of Drumblair & Colonel Rodney (Strathspey & Reels)
12. Eochaill (Air)
13. Paddy Kelly\'s Four Part & the Pidgeon On the Gate (Reels)
14. The Banks (Hornpipe)
15. Follow Me Down to Carlow & the Wheels of the World (Reels)
16. O\'carolans\'s Concerto
17. Last Night\'s Fun & the Traveller (Reels)
18. The Wounded Huzzar (Air)
19. A Rainy Day & the Humours of Monstreaden (Reels)
20. Fly By Night & Shaskeen (Hornpipes)
21. Spike Island Lassies & Farewell to Leitrim (Reels)



































































CICD 168 A Tribute to Andy McGann


Andy McGann was born and raised in New York to Sligo parents and became one of the key figures in traditional Irish music in the US. He would eventually become the standard-bearer of the Sligo-American style made famous by Coleman and, indeed, pass the tradition on to other players including his protégé Brian Conway. On 1 April 2006 in the Irish American Heritage Center in Chicago, Joe Burke, Felix Dolan and Brian Conway performed together in a concert titled ‘A Tribute to Andy McGann', honouring a great musician and friend who had passed away in 2004. The CD booklet includes extensive notes on Andy McGann and on the three musicians on the album. 

1. Jigs: Molloy's Jig / The Humours of Castlelyons
2. Reels: Crowley's Reels
3. Hornpipes: The Cliff Hornpipe / The Sunshine Hornpipe (Joe Burke solo)
4. Jigs: The House in the Glen / Coleman's Maid on the Green
5. Reels: The Flogging Reel / The Boys of the Lough (Brian Conway solo)
6. Air & Hornpipe: Bantry Bay / The Bantry Hornpipe
7. Reels: Miss Lyon's Fancy / The New-Mown Meadow
8. Air: The Blackbird (Joe Burke solo)
9. Carolan Piece (tune): Carolan's Draught
10. Jigs: The Old Grey Goose / Rosewood (Brian Conway solo)
11. Reels: The Bunch of Currants / The Gossoon that Beat his Father
12. Slip Jigs: Kitty, Come Down to Limerick / The Kid on the Mountain
13. Air & Reel: The Coolin / The Fisherman's Island (Brian Conway solo) icon
14. Jigs: The Luckpenny / The Pipe on the Hob icon
15. Reels: Bonnie Kate / Jenny's Chickens (Joe Burke solo)
16. Jigs: The Queen of the Fair / The Maid in the Meadow
17. Reels: The Bucks of Oranmore / Reidy Johnson's / The Bucks of Oranmore







































































GLCD1069 Happy to Meet & Sorry to Part


A trio album with Michael Cooney and Terry Corcoran features pipes, accordion, guitar, and singing, recorded at Sounds Unreal, Memphis, Tennessee. Includes liner notes by Dennis Batson.

1 Reels: Dowd's No. 9 / The Galway Rambler
2 Jigs: Daleystown Hunt / The Carraroe Jig
3 Bonaparte's Retreat
4 Reels: Captain Kelly's / Jennie's Wedding
5 Maid on the Mountain
6 Reels: The Bells Of Tipperary / Miss Galvin's
7 Jigs: Father O'Flynn / Haste To The Wedding
8 Reels: Kitty Gone A'Milking / Lucky In Love / Corney Is Coming
9 Jigs: Rogaire Dubh / Split The Whisker
10 Reels: The Boyne Hunt / Come West Along The Road
11 Brian Boru's March / Sporting Paddy / The Traveler
12 Jigs: I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her / Will You Come Home With Me?
13 Reels: The High Reel / Geoghegan's
14 Cherish the Ladies
15 Dunlavin Green
16 Reels: The Star Of Munster / The Blackberry Blossom
17 Jigs: Happy To Meet And Sorry To Part / Paddy In London
18 Reels: Aggie Whyte's / Miss Thornton














































































Paudie is an excellent young B/C accordion player from Ballyhar, Co. Kerry, and his wonderful debut CD is very much in line with the best that Sliabh Luachra music has to offer. While the material played here, dominated by polkas, slides and other Sliabh Luachra tunes sourced from Padraig O'Keeffe, Denis Murphy, Johnny O'Leary, and others, is well chosen and keeps the listener interested, it is O'Connor's remarkable style of playing, full of invention and subtle touches, which grabs centre stage. With Aoife Ni Chaoimh: fiddle, Noeleen O'Connor: fiddle, Joe Sullivan: flute and Paul De Grae: guitar.

1. Polkas: The Hermit from Killarney / Tom Barrett's / Denis O'Keeffe's
2. Slides: Denis O'Keeffe's / Can Anyone Tell Me Where Nancy's Gone? / My Love in the Morning
3. Barn Dances: Thadelo Sullivan's / An Spailpin Fanach
4. Jigs: Eddie Kelly's / The Housekeeper
5. Polkas: Din Tarrant's / Bridgie Con Mattie's / Ger Collins'
6. Air: Aisling Gheal
7. Reels: The Rising Sun / The Mountain Top / Captain Byng
8. Polka: The Pigs Eating Nuts in the Wood
9. Hornpipes: The Boys of Scart / O'Connor's Favourite
10. Jigs: Peig sa Susa / Jimmy O'Brien's
11. Polkas: Ned Connor's / Gan Ainm / Denis O'Keeffe's
12. Reels: Jackson's / The Scolding Wife / Kitty in the Lane
13. Air: Casamar Araon na Geanna Romhainn
14. Slides: Padraig O'Keeffe's / The Old Torn Petticoat / Dan Jeremiah's

























































CICD142 The New Road


Accordion player Charlie Piggott, originally from Cork, was one of the founding members of Dé Danann and more recently The Lonely Stranded Band. He toured extensively with both bands and as a solo artist. Charlie teams up with esteemed Kerry fiddler Gerry Harrington. Well known in Kerry/Cork music circles and to the Irish-American music fraternity, Gerry's music was brought to a wider audience during the nineties through the release of two exquisite albums.

1. James McMahon's Jig, Paddy Mullins Jig
2. The Limerick Lassies, The Dogs Among The Bushes
3. The Battle Of Aughrim, Napolean Crossing The Alps
4. Paidin O Raifeartaigh, Darby The Driver
5. The Glen Cottage Slide, Danny Albs, The Star Above The Garter
6. The Rakish Highlander, Toss The Feathers
7. Lament For Lugh Darcy
8. The Harlequin, Father Dollard's, Behind The Ditch In Pairc Anna
9. The One That Was Lost, Anach Cuain
10. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel, The Doon Reel
11. Jenny And The Weaver
12. Walsh's Jig, Winnie Hayes
13. The New Road, The Old Man's Blackthorn Stick
14. Sean O Quibhir An Ghleanna
15. The Woods At Old Limerick, The Walls Of Liscarroll
16. The Rover Through The Bog, The Blackbird





































































CICD133 Dreaming Up The Tunes


The son of the famous Connemara melodeon and accordion player Johnny Connolly, Johnny Jr. is an accomplished box player himself who won his first All-Ireland title at age 12. Brian McGrath was a co-founder of Four Men and a Dog and now performs with De Dannan and Frankie Gavin. On this 1998 release, Connolly and McGrath play some mighty music, with a combination of traditional tunes and recent compositions, including two jigs by the great Charlie Lennon. Johnny Og Connolly: accordion, Brian McGrath: banjo, Eugene Kelly: guitar, Peter O'Hanlon: guitar, rhythm banjo, James Blennerhasset: cello, double bass.

1. Jigs: Gan Ainm / Doberman's Wallet
2. Reels: Paddy Ryan's Dream / Jimmy Batty's
3. Reels: Mick O'Connor's
4. Hornpipes: The Happy Hornpipe / The Souvenir
5. Jigs: The Inis Bearachain
6. Reels: Ril Johnny Phadraig Pheter / Ril Joe Mhaire Mhicilin
7. Jigs: Christmas in Spiddal / Tweve to the Bar
8. Jig & Reel: The Carraroe Jig / Homage to Rooney
9. Reels: Mountain Dew / Loughrea Reel
10. Reels: Dillon's / Marion Egan's
11. Jigs: Bean Phaidin / Seanamhach Tube Station
12. Barndances: Michael Coleman's / Flanagan Meets O'Hanlon










































































GLCD1026 Roll Away The Reel World


With the rich musical traditions of the Irish counties of Longford and Clare all around him and a family as engrossed with music as any in this country, James Keane was learning button accordion at an age when most children are learning to simply do up their buttons. Six years old is early to start playing music, even among various legends of players who started out as mere sprites. But by the age of ten, Keane was already something of a fixture on the Dublin music scene, following in the footsteps of many great players and sometimes even suffering them stepping on his feet because he was too little for them to see him. Players such as Seamus Ennis, Leo Rowome, Sonny Brogan, and Tommy Reck helped him get started on the course that would lead to an outstanding career in this genre. Here with his brother, of Cheftains fame, on fiddle.

1. Reels: Crossing the Shannon/Lad O'Beirne's/The Rough Road
2. Jigs: Blooming Meadows/Paudeen O'Rafferty
3. Reels: Maud Miller/The /Sailor's Return/Paddy Murphy's Wife
4. Reels: Master Crowley's/Crowley's #2
5. Jigs: The Bride's Favourite/Tony Rowe's/Walsh's/Nora Crionna
6. Reels: Reel of Mullinavat/The Connaught Heifer/Boys of Ballinahinch
7. Reels: Father Kelly's/Green Fields of America
8. Hornpipes: The Four Courts/The Cuckoo
9. Reels: The Tempest/Sean Frank
10. Jigs: The Kesh/Morrison's/Donnybrook Fair
11. Reels: Gorman's/Jennie's Wedding/The Dark Haired Lass
12. Hornpipe: The Echo
13. Reels: Father Ahearn's/O'Mahoney's







































































GLCD1163 Return to Inis Mor


Born in Boston, Massachusetts to Irish immigrant parents. His father, Patrick, was from Inis Oirr in the Aran islands and his mother was from Roscommon. His early teacher was Jerry O'Brien, a highly regarded player originally from Kinsale, Co. Cork. The musician who probably most influenced player Joe was the famous Brooklyn (of German extraction) melodeon player John J. Kimmel who's 78's Joe studied intensely. With: Patricia Gleeson (violin, viola); John O'Kane (cello); Carl Hession (piano).

1 Humours of Lissadell/Music in the Glen/Johnson's
2 House in the Glen/O'Connell's Welcome to Dubin/Kitty from Coleraine
3 Hawk/Bridge of Athlone
4 Farrell O'Gara/The Flogging Reel
5 Tar Road to Sligo/Humours of Ennistymon
6 Tailor's Twist/Biddleston Hornpipe: The Tailor's Twist
7 Irish Widow's Lament (On the Death of Her Only Son)
8 Jenny's Wedding/Lads of Laois
9 Roseland Barndance
10 King Jig/Return to Inis Mor
11 Bonnie Kate/Doctor Gilbert: Bonnie Kate
12 Glen/Bee's Wing
13 Pastiche for Galway
14 Papa's Joy/Gallowglass
15 Jerry Picking Cookies/All Hands Around











































































GLCD1217 Bridgetown


At the age of 26, Johnny B Connolly has already generated a reputation as an accomplished button accordionist. His talents have brought him across continents, performing and recording with internationally renowned artists Kevin Burke and The Chieftains. Named for his adopted home, Bridgetown is a sparkling collection of Irish and French tunes and includes guest appearances by Kevin Burke, Skip Parente, Jim Chapman and Aidan Brennan.


1. When Sick Is It Tea You Want?/Eddie Kelly's/The Reverend Brothers Jig (Jigs),

2.  Showman's Fancy/Off to California (Hornpipes),

3. Marcelle and Marcel (Musette),

4. Splendid Isolation/ Brefni O'Reillys/Ormond Sound (Reels),

5. Down the Hill/The Boys of Ballisodare/Maids of Mount Cisco (Set Dance/Reels),

6. Seanamhac Tube Station/The Robin's Nest (Jigs),

7. Ton Doubl Fishel (Traditional),

8. The Heathery Glen (Air),

9. The Bush On The Hill/Bobby Casey's/Paddy Fahy's (Jigs),

10.Wheels of The World/Trip To Durrow (Reels).


































































GLCD 1091 Stranger at the Gate


O'Brien's button accordion is backed by Daithi Sproule's sensitive guitar.

1. The Mountain Meadow/The Highlander Who Kissed His Granny (Reels)
2. Double Jigs: The Trip To Sligo/Daithi Sproule's
3. The Coachman's Whip/The Foxhunters' Chorus (Reels)
4. Strathspey: Lady Lyle/Liz Carroll's
5. Stranger At The Gate/Miss Ratray (Reels)
6. The Wounded Hussar (Song)
7. Strathspey: Miss Hutton/Reel: Miss Johnson Of Pitworth
8. Jimmy Powers' Favorite/The Luck Of The Toss (Slip Jigs)
9. Paddy Fahy's/Miss Patterson's Slippers (Reels)
10. The Traveler's Reel/The Bird's Nest (Reels)
11. Double Jigs: John Brady's/Garrett Barry's
12. Colonel Rodney/The Reel Of Bogie (Reels)
13. The Golden Eagle/Reel: Ed Reavy's Reel (Hornpipe)
14. The Lament From Eoin Rhua/Clan March: The March Of The Gaelic Order (Slow Air)
15. Dr. Gilbert's Wife/Gus Dolan's Reel (Reels)
16. Tiny The Trooper/Single Jig: The Girls Of Knocknagow (Slip Jig)
17. The Miller Of Draughin/The Humours Of Castlefin (Reels)



































































DLCD 28 The Galway Girl:


Sharon Shannon's Triple Platinum Best of. This 15-track album includes a selection of classic Sharon Shannon favourites along with both versions of the hit single, The Galway Girl – the original featuring Steve Earle and the newly recorded studio version with Mundy.  A whole host of special guests are also featured on the album including Damien Dempsey, Dessie O’Halloran, Kirsty MacColl, Michael McGoldrick, Mike Scott, Jackson Browne and more


1.The Galway Girl (with Steve Earle)
3.What You Make It da, da, da, da (with Marvel & Lady K)
4.Gaffo's Ball
5.Courtin' In The Kitchen (with Dessie O'Halloran, Damien Dempsey & Munday)
6.I've No Alibi (with Damien Dempsey - Live)
7.Tune For A Found Harmonium
8.A Man of Constant Sorrow (with Jackson Browne)
10.A Song of The Rosy Cross (with Mike Scott)
11.Libertango (with Kirsty MacColl)
12.Bag of Cats
13.The Galway Girl (with Munday)




































































DLCD 36 Saints & Scoundrels


After the major quadruple-platinum selling success of The Galway Girl Album and her two Meteor awards, Sharon's new studio album includes several newly penned tracks by Sharon and boasts many special guests including Shane MacGowan, Imelda May, Jerry Fish, Carol Keogh (Automata), Justin Adams (Robert Plant Band), Jack O Grady and introducing the mighty Cartoon Thieves


 1 Mama Lou
2 Howya Horse
3 Go Tell the Devil
4 Wild West Wagon Train
5 Saints & Angels
6 Whitewash Station Blues
7 Hillbilly Lilly & Buffalo Benji
8 Let's Drink for Once Dead
9 Summer Sands
10 Cape Clear
11 Lady Luck
12 Rake at the Gates of Hell

































































DLCD 9 Libertango


Sharon Shannon’s top ten album featuring vocalists Sinead O’Connor, the late Kirsty MacColl, Roisin Elsafty and Pauline Scanlon along with the radio hit of last summer, ‘What You Make It (da da da da da)’ to be released in limited edition format with a bonus CD, ‘The Acoustic Tour’. Never commercially released, this bonus CD was recorded live in Nova Scotia in ’03 and features the Acoustic Band - Sharon Shannon on accordion and whistle, Mary Shannon on Banjo and Mandolin and Jim Murray on guitar with Pauline Scanlon on vocals. Pauline, who is receiving widespread acclaim for her debut album ‘Red Colour Sun’, sings a fantastic version of the Joni Mitchell classic ‘A Case of You’. Sharon and the band perform 11 tracks, great live versions of tracks from her previous albums, ‘Out The Gap’, ‘Each Little Thing’, The Diamond Mountain Sessions and Libertango. Also two previously unreleased tracks, ‘Jims Jigs and Aires de Pontevedra


1 The Whitestrand Sling Browne
2 Libertango Piazzolla, Renolds, Wilkey
3 Duncan's MacDonald, MacDonald, McComiskey
4 An Phailistín Cheannabháin, Lunny
5 Albatross Green
6 Hogs and Heifers Murray, Shannon
7 The Seven Rejoices of Mary Traditional
8 All the Ways You Wander Spillane
9 The Burst Mattress MacDonald, Newman, Traditional
10 Space Party Murray, Shannon, Shannon
11 Anachie Gordon Traditional
12 The Wishing Well Peoples
13 What You Make It (Da da da Da) Browne, Christie, Marvel



































































DLCD 11 Tunes

An album from Sharon Shannon, Frankie Gavin, fiddler and leader of seminal trad band, De Dannan, Mike McGoldrick, flautist and member of Capercaillie and Flook and who fronts his own band Fused, and one-man rhythm section guitarist, Jim Murray. The material on this new album is exactly as the title suggests – a collection of tunes ranging from traditional Irish to traditional Asturian tunes with some newly composed Scottish tunes and newly composed tunes by each of this talented quartet thrown in for good measure. “Tunes” was recorded during December 04 and January 05 in Galway and not only reflects the individual style and virtuosity of each of the musicians, but also introduces us to the powerhouse of energy and creativity generated by them collectively....


1 Cappataggle Shuffle: Jim Donoghues/ The Cappataggle Shuffle/ The ...
2 Rookery: Paidin O'Rafferty's Jig/ The Rookery
3 Jewels of the Ocean: The Jewels of the Ocean/ Lizzie in the Low Ground
4 Road to Corrandulla: The Lochaber Badger/ The Road to Corrandulla
5 Billy in the Low Ground: Billy in the Low Ground/ Lost Giri
6 Summer's Coming: Summer's Coming/ Pasucais of Coana
7 Calum's Road
8 Mickey Joe Mikes: Mikey Joe Mikes/ The Diddeley-I-Pod
9 Bass Rock: The Bass Rock/ The Road to Errogie
10 Cat's Miaow: The Cat's Miaow/ Tickle Her Leg/ Drag Her Around the Road
11 Clare Reel: The Clare Reel/ An Coilleach
12 Bucks of Oranmore: King of the Pipers/ The Bucks of Oranmore


































































TARACD 4008 Josephine Marsh


Accordion player Josephine Marsh's new CD is full of strange and quirky tunes from slow airs to waltzes, marches, reels, jigs, hornpipes and polkas."A player of outstanding ability" - Irish Times"Loose, free, spiritual, simple, joyous, flowing" - Folk Roots.


1. The Boogie Reel/The Cocktail
2. Cape Breton/The Dancing Master
3. Tony Dalton's/Tay In A Bucket
4. Paddy's Polkas
5. Matthew's Waltz
6. John Nauthon's/Return To Camden Town
7. Bold Doherty/Northern Jig
8. Bainis/Michael Joe Kennedy's
9. The Shephard
10. Tommy Mulhare's/East Of Glendart
11. Lad O Beirne's/Phyllis' Birthday
12. O Carolan's Receipt
13. Wallop The Cat From Under The Table/Onions And Bunions/The Split-Second Jig
14. Raitlin Island/Michael Joe Kennedy's




































































LUNCD 27 The Connachtman's Rambles


The first solo album from the legendary Galway accordion player Mairtin O’Connor highlights his innovative musical approach and incredible technique. Joining O’Connor to create an album that set new standards for accordion playing are the talents of Donal Lunny, Gerry O’Beirne, and Colm Murphy. Mairtin O’Connor went on to perform and record with De Dannan for several years, and has made a number of solo recordings since, with mostly his own compositions. His intense and exuberant playing, influenced in part by the playing of the famous Galway piper Patsy Touhey, are enabled by his technical mastery of the instrument.


1. The Jolly Tinker (Reel)

2. Munster Buttermilk / Port An Bhrather (Jigs)

3. Polkas

4. Hornpipe

5. A Stoir Mo Chroi (Slow Air)

6. Mother's Delight / The College Groves / Jennie's Chickens (Reels)

7. Ril Gan Anim / Jenny Picking Cockles (Reels)

8. Larry O'Gaff / The Castletown Connors (Jigs)

9. Lord Gordon's / The Chicago Reel (Reels) 10.The Connachtman's Rambles / My Darling Asleep (Jigs)

11. Mo Giolla Mear (Air)

12. Happy To Meet, Sorry To Part / Delaney's Drummers (Jigs).












































































MO C3 The Road West


Mairtin O'Connor - Accordion. Seamus O'Dowd - Guitars, Tiple & Bass. Nollaig Casey - Fiddle & Viola. Garry O'Briain - Keyboards & Mandocello. Brendan O'Regan - Bouzouki. Cathal Hayden - Fiddle. Gerry O'Connor - Banjo & Mandolin James Blennerhassett - Bass' Ken Edge - Saxes & Clarinet' Maire Breathnach - Fiddle, Viola & Vocals' Bill Shanley - Organ' Liam Bradley - Percussion. Jimmy Higgins Snr. - Flugelhorn. Jimmy Higgins Jnr. - Percusssion. Kevin Hough, Aine Ni Shioradain, Maeve Canavan & Martin Smith - Vocals.

1 The Cuckoo
2 Sunshine and Showers
3 The Goat Jig
4 The Road West
5 Rockin' the Boat
6 The Venusian Waltz
7 Shop Street
8 Inagh Valley
9 Into the New
10 Celebration Reel
11 A Half-Hour of Hours
12 Out to Sea
13 The Carna Czardas 







































































MOC 1 Perpetual Motion


O'Connor explores many styles of music, from Basque fandangoes to rock & roll. But he maintains a characteristically Irish lift to his playing

1 Fandango
2 Rags to Rock N' Roll
3 Happy Hours
4 Carnival of Venice
5 Perpetual Motion
6 Ebra Polka
7 Emerald Blues
8 Cajun Medley
9 Beau St. Waltzes
10 Bulgarian Jig
11 Sophie from Sofia
12 Midnight on the Water
13 Hound Dog


































































MOC 4 Rain of Light


Mairtin O'Connor began playing the accordion at the age of nine and has had a remarkable career stretching back to the late 70s. As well as performing as a leading member of many traditional groups, he has also recorded and toured with The Chieftains, Mark Knopfler, Elvis Costello, Rod Stewart and on the highly popular Riverdance show. His new album "The Road West" is a collection of more recent tunes, mostly rooted in the Irish tradition. Musicians include Nollaig Casey, Cathal Hayden, Gerry O'Connor, Marie Breathnach amongst others.


1 The Big Smoke
2 The Emigrant
3 The Corribean
4 The Snake
5 The Shape of Things to Come
6 Reels; Trip to Bright City/Farewell to the Land
7 St. Patrick's Dream
8 Emcee Squared Dance
9 Montserrat
10 Rain of Light Reel (Finale)














































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