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CICD151 Éigse Dhiarmuidín


Some of the very best traditional musicians and sean nós singers of our day are to be heard on this CD. It is a selection of the recordings taken by Raidió na Gaeltachta over the past ten years at the concerts of Éigse Dhiarmuidín, a festival initiated to honour the memory of Diarmuid Ó Súilleabháin.. Featuring: Séamus Ó Beaglaoich, John & Pip Murphy, Jim Murray, Máire Ní Choilm, Seán Ó Liatháin, Conal Ó Gráda, Mary McNamara, Éamonn Ó Donnchú, Treasa Ní Mhiolláin, Connie O’ Connell, Kevin & Paddy Glackin, Hammy Hamilton, Johnny Mháirtín Learaí Mac Donnchadha, Tom Stephens, Noel Shine, Peadar Ó Riada, Mary Greene, Maighréad, Tríona & Mícheál Ó Domhnaill, Maeve Donnelly & Patsy Broderick, Éamonn Mc Givney, The Voice Squad, John Kelly, Cór Chúil Aodha.

1. Sleamhnáin / Slides
2. Casam Araon na Géanna Romhaim
3. Cornphíopa / Hornpipe icon
4. Tiocfaidh an Samhradh
5. Ríleanna / Reels
6. Bruach na Carra Léith
7. Fonn Mall - Air
8. Poirt / Jigs
9. The Praties They Grow Small Over Here
10. Cornphíopa / Hornpipe
11. Líontar dúinn an Crúiscín icon
12. Ríleanna / Reels
13. Donncha Bán
14. Ríleanna / Reels
15. An Saighdiúir Tréigthe
16. Ríleanna / Reels
17. Mo Ghile Mear






































































TSCD602 Irish Dance Music


Frank Quinn, Michael Coleman, Erin's Pride Orchestra, Kincora Ceilidhe Band etc. Originally released on Folkways Records this amazing collection of 78 recordings has been revamped and enlarged by its original editor Reg Hall.


1. FRANK QUINN : The Westport Chorus
2. MICHAEL J. CASHIN : jigs - Ginger's Favourite / Bogs of Allen
3. TOM MORRISON & JOHN REYNOLDS Sweet Flowers of Milltown / The Boys from Knock / Schottische
4. MICHAEL COLEMAN : O'Dowd's Favourite Reel Medley
5. BART HENRY'S TRADITIONAL QUARTET ORCHESTRA : jigs - Ah! Surely & The Maid On the Green
6. McKENNA & GAFFNEY: Irish reels - Maids of Galway / Over the Moor to Peggy
7. K. SCANLON : medley of old time fiddling reels - Bonnie Kate / Swallow's Tail / Molly Brannigan
8. MICHAEL J. GROGAN Off to California, Hornpipe / Dunphy's Hornpipe
9. MICHAEL J. GROGAN & JOHN NOWAND : reels - Drunken Tailor / Teetotaller
10. GEORGE HALPIN & M. STANFORD: reel -The Maid of Ballinatra
11. FLANAGAN BROTHERS: medley of Irish Jigs - Frieze Breetches /The Cook in the Kitchen / Lannigan's Ball
12. J. FLANAGAN : Irish reels - Scotch Mary Medley
13. McCONNELL'S FOUR LEAF SHAMROCKS medley of polkas - Babes in the Wood / Moore's Favourite
14. THE FOUR PROVINCES ORCHESTRA : The Pride of Ulster - Maggie Pickens / Cameron's Wife - folk dance
15. PAT ROCHE'S HARP & SHAMROCK ORCHESTRA. hornpipe medley - Boys of Blue Hill / Stack o'Wheat
16. ERIN'S PRIDE ORCHESTRA barn dances - Stack of Oats / Shannon Waves
17. FRANK LEE'S TARA CEILIDH BAND : Irish jigs - Kitty's Rambles / The Merry Old Woman / The Humours of Ballinafad
18. SIAMSA GAEDHEAL CEILIDHE BAND: Irish reel medley - The High Road to Galway / The Groves Reel / The Salamanca Reel
21. MOATE CEILIDHE BAND : reels - The First House in Connaught / The Green Gate
22. LOUGH GILL QUARTET: Jigs - Mill Pond / Mist On the Meadow
23. BELHAVEL TRIO : reels - Ash Plant / The Merry Harriers / The Hut in the Bog
24. KINCORA CEILIDHE BAND: reels - lasses of Carracastle / Maid of Mt Kisko / St Ruth's Bush





















































TSCD603 Paddy in the Smoke

The classic album of Irish music from London's 'Favourite' pub recorded in the 1960s. Including: Martin Byrnes, Danny Meehan, Sean O'Shea, Bobby Casey, Tony McMahon, Julia Clifford, Con Curtin, Andy Boyle, Jimmy Power & Lucy Farr.


1. Martin Byrnes fiddle : reels - Maudabawn Chappel / Lafferty's
2. Martin Byrnes fiddle : Paddy Fahey's Jig
3. Martin Byrnes fiddle : reels - Eileen Curran / The Bunch of Keys
4. Danny Meehan & Bobby Casey fiddles, John McLaughlin spoons : reel -Paddy Ryan's Dream
5. Tony McMahon accordeon, Martin Byrnes & Andy Boyle fiddles: reels - Lucy Campbell / Toss the Feathers
6. Bobby Casey fiddle : reel - The Ragged Hank of Yarn
7. Bobby Casey fiddle, John McLaughlin spoons : reels - The Bank of Ireland/ The Woman of the House / The Morning Dew
8. Jimmy Power & Jimmy Dunleavy fiddles: reel - The Jolly Tinker
9. Sean O'Shea & Bobby Casey fiddles : Denis Murphy's Hornpipe
10. Sean O'Shea & Bobby Casey fiddles : reels - The Yellow Tinker / The Humours of Scarriff
11. Con Curtin, Denis McMahon & Julia Clifford fiddles : The Chorus Reel
12. Con Curtin & Denis McMahon fiddles : Callaghan's Reel
13. Jimmy Power fiddle : jigs - Kitty's Rambles / Dan the Cobbler
14. Jimmy Power fiddle : reels - Jenny Picking Cockles / Kitty in the Lane
15. Tommy Maguire accordeon, Father O'Keeffe mandolin : jigs - Condon's Frolics / James McMahon's Favourite
16. Bobby Casey & Lucy Farr fiddles : reels - The Graf Spee / BallinasloeFair
17. Bobby Casey & Lucy Farr fiddles : The Mother Reel
18. Jimmy Power, Lucy Farr & Andy Boyle fiddles : jigs - Farewell to Erin /The High Reel
19. Jimmy Power, Lucy Farr & Andy Boyle fiddles : jigs - Doctor O'Neill / The Battering Ram
20. Con Curtin & Edmond Murphy fiddles : reels - Mulvihill's / Tie the Bonnet/ The Abbey











































































TSCD604 Past Masters of Irish Dance Music


Re-mastered from 78 rpm recordings with Belhavel Trio, Four Provinces & Ballinakill Bands, Michael Grogan, & The Flanagan Brothers.


1. Belhavel Trio : reels - Sporting Paddy / Murphy's Favourite The Haymaker
2 Joe Maguire's Pride of Erne Orchestra : medley of jigs - The Rose in theHeather / The Frost is All Over
3. Tom Ennis, James Morrison & John Muller : medley of Irish reels - Lime Stone Rock
4. The Four Provinces Orchestra : polka - Leather Away with the Wattle O'
5. Myles (Tin Whistle) O'Malley & his Orchestra : medley of hornpipes - The Kildare Fancy / The Boys of Blue Hill
6. Moate Ceilidh Band : reels - Salamanca / Roaring Mary
7. Patrick Killoran & his Pride of Erin Orchestra : Highland flings - Donegal Lasses / Stirling Castle
8. Peter Conlon : reels - The Flax in Bloom / The Bag of Potatoes
9. John McGettigan's Three-leaf Shamrock Orchestra : Highland Schottische Medley
10. Michael Grogan : medley of reels - The Mountain Lark / The Traveller
11. Ballinakil (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players : hornpipes - Honeysuckle / Pound Hill
12. Stephen Maloney & Tommy Whelan : jig - The Pipe on the Job
13. Ballinakil (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players : reels - Knocknagow / Fowling Piece
14. Frank Fallon's Orchestra : Liverpool Hornpipe / Red Haired Lad
15. Siasma Gaedheal Ceilidhe Band : Irish jig medley - King of the Jigs / Ant'Athair Jack Walsh / MacDonagh's Jig
16. Flanagan Brothers : reels - The Auld Blackthorn
17. Flanagan Brothers : Irish jigs - Rakes of Clonmel introducing Sarsfield's Jig
18. Pat Roche's Harp & Shamrock Orchestra : reel medley - Green Mountain/ Longford Lass
19. Rosaleen Quartet : reel - The Maid Behind the Bar
20. Seamus Ennis : jigs - The Cavan Brigade / When the Cock Crow It isDay / Sixpenny Money
21. Ballinamore Ceilidhe Band : reels - Bag of Spuds / Rakish Paddy
22. Aughrim Slopes Ceilidhe Band : jigs - The Monaghan Jig / Henchy's Delight
23. Aughrim Slopes Ceilidhe Band : reels - Geoghan's Favourite / Galway Rambler / London Lassies










































































TSCD605 Past Masters of Irish Fiddle Music


Another collection of 78s compiled by Reg Hall. Including: Frank Higgins, Michael Coleman, Moate Ceilidhe Band & Hugh Gillespie.


1. Paddy Killoran & Paul Ryan, fiddles; Denis Murphy, accordeon; Edward Tucker, piano - Ballina Lass / Sligo Maid - (Reels)
2. Paddy Killoran & Paddy Sweeny fiddles; Edward Tucker, piano - Mullingar Races / Boys On The Hilltop
3. Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players - Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano - Shaskeen and Green Blanket
4. Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano -Rick's / Byrne's  (Hornpipes)
5. Frank O'Higgins fiddle; Julia Gray, piano (Reels) Farewell To Erin / Irish Molly / The Flogging
6. Frank O'Higgins fiddle; Julia Gray, piano (Jigs) The Maid At The Spinning Wheel / Do You Want Any More
7. Frank O'Higgins fiddle; Julia Gray, piano (Reels) Kitty's Gone A-Milking, / The Dogs Among The Bushes / The Merry Sisters
8. Neil O'Boyle fiddle (Reels) The Pigeon On The Gate / Jenny Picking Cockles
9. Aughum Slopes Ceilidh Band - Paddy Kelly & Jack Mulkere, fiddles; there is almost certainly a third fiddle, Jimmy Drury; Joe Mills, accordeon; Josie O'Halloran, piano - Killaghbeg House / First House In Connaught  (Reels)
10. Mike Hanafin, fiddle; Daniel Moroney, tin whistle; Dan Sulliva, piano Groves - (Hornpipe)
11. Michael Coleman fiddle; John Muller, piano Trim The Velvet - (Irish Reel)
12. Michael Coleman fiddle; John Muller, piano - Wellington Reels
13. Moate Ceilidh Band - Pepper Adamson, fiddle & leader; Willie Jordan & Mick Kincaid, fiddles; John Joe Gannon, accordeon; Billy Donnelly, piano - Jerry Beaver's Hat / Maid In The Meadow  (Jigs)
14. Moate Ceilidh Band - Pepper Adamson, fiddle & leader; Paddy Gavin, fiddle; Billy Whelan, mandolin-banjo; John Joe Gannon, accordeon; Billy Donnelly, piano - (Reels) Sheehan's / The Travellers
15. Jim Morrison, fiddle; Tom Ennis, uilleann pipes; John Muller, piano Irish (Jig Medley) Paddy In London / Buther's March / Sligo Bay
16. Jim Morrison, fiddle; Claire Reardon, piano - Flax In Bloom / The Millstone / The Dairy Maid's Reel - (Irish Airs)
17. Michael Gorman fiddle & Mick Flynn flute (Reel) - The Jolly Tinker
18. Michael Gorman fiddle & Mick Flynn  flute (Reels) - Down The Broom / The Pigeon At The Gate
19. Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano - Queen Of The Fair - (Double Jig)
20 Ballinakill (Co. Galway) Traditional Dance Players - Jerry Whyte & Tommy Whyte, fiddles; Stephen Moloney & Tommy Whelan, flutes; Anna Rafferty, piano - Flogging Wheel and Whelan's Reel
21. Halpin Trio - Treasa Ni Ailpin, fiddle & unidentified, fiddle & piano - Rogha-An-Fhile (Poets Choice) - New Irish Traditional Dance
22. Hugh Gillespie fiddle & Jack McKenna, guitar - Dowd'd Number Nine / Jackson's  (Medley Of Reels)
23. Hugh Gillespie fiddle & Mark Callaghan, guitar - Master Crowley's Reels
24. Michael Gorman fiddle & Mick Flynn flute - (Reels) - The Sligo Maid / Molloy's
25. Michael Gorman fiddle (Reel) - Bonny Kate

































































TSCD606 Round the House and Mind the Dresser


'Irish Country Dance Music' Polkas, slides, flings, hornpipes, mazurkas, waltzes and barn dances played by legendary musicians such as: Johnny O'Leary, Johnny Docherty, Jimmy Power, Rose Murphy, Julia and Billy Clifford.


1. ERIN'S PRIDE ORCHESTRA Come To The Fair /Sixpenny Bit /The Barren Rocks Of Aden
2. JOHNNY O'LEARY (accordeon) Mike Sullivan's /Tom Billy's /Fling & Hornpipe For The Set
3. JOHNNY DOCHERTY (fiddle) The Twenty-One Highland /Fling For The Highland
4. GENE KELLY (accordeon) Sean Hayes' /If There Weren't Any Women In The World /Tunes For The Barndance
5. JIMMY POWER (fiddle) Reg Hall (piano) The Little Fair Child /Song Air For The Old Time Waltz
6. THE FOUR PROVINCES ORCHESTRA Untitled /Limerick Races /Flings For The Highland
7. ROSE MURPHY (fiddle) The First Of May /The Last Of June /Polkas For The Set
8. TOMMY HEALEY (flute) & JOHNNY DUFFY (fiddle) Untitled /Tune For The First Part Of The Lancers
9. GARY OWEN IRISH RECORDING ORCHESTRA Casey's Favourites /Flings For The Highlands
10. JULIA CLIFFORD (fiddle) Padraig O'Keefe's /March For The Set /Untitled /Slide For The Set
11. FLANAGAN BROTHERS (accordeon & tenor banjo) Untitled /Untitled /Lord Moira
12. MICHAEL COLEMAN & J.P.DOLAN (fiddles) The Stack Of Barley /Bantry Bay /Hornpipes For The Stack Of Barley
13. ROSE MURPHY (melodeon) The Road To Ballasadare /Hornpipe For Sean Nos Stepdancing
14. HUGH GILLESPIE (fiddle) Untitled /Tune For The Mazurka
15. GENE KELLY (accordeon) She Hasn't The Thing She Thought She Had /Single Jig For The Set /The Cat In The Corner /Polka For The Set
16. PADDY KILLORAN & PADDY SWEENEY (fiddles) McDermott's /Memories Of Sligo /Tunes For The Barndance
17. JOHNNY O'LEARY & MAURICE O'KEEFE (accordeon & fiddle) The Worn Torn Petticoat /Denis O'Keefe's Favourite /Slides For The Set
18. FRANK QUINN (fiddle & voice) Katy Jones Reel /Fling For The Highland
19. JOHNNY DUFFY (fiddle) Reg Hall (piano) Mrs Kenney /Tune For The Old-Time Waltz
20. JOHN McKENNA (flute) & MICHAEL GAFFNEY (mandolin-banjo) Up And Away /The Merry Girl /Polkas For The Set
21. JULIA CLIFFORD (fiddle) Julia Clifford's /Bill The Weaver's /Polkas For the Set
22. FOUR PROVINCES ORCHESTRA Marquis Of Huntley /Skin-A-Ma-Rink /Flings For The Highland
23. BERNARD O'SULLIVAN (concertina) Stack Ryan's /Polka For The Set
24. PADDY KILLORAN & PADDY SWEENEY (fiddles) Batt Henry's Favourite /Untitled /Tunes For The Barndance
25. TERRY TEAHAN (melodeon) Reagan's /Slide For The Set
26. MICHAEL GORMAN (fiddle) Margaret Barry (banjo) The Versavienna /Untitled /Untitled
27. JAMES MORRISON (fiddle) The Return Of Spring /The Mountain Pathway /Polkas For The Set
28. BILLY CLIFFORD (flute) The Flowing Tide /Hornpipe For The Cashel Set



























































TSCD309 Kerry Fiddles


Fiddle music from the Cork /Kerry border known as Sliabh Luachra (The Rushy Mountain). with Padraig O Keeffe, Denis Murphy & Julia Clifford


1. The Top of Maol /The Humours of Ballydesmond

2. The Fisherman's /Byrne's Hornpipes

3. Muckross Abbey/Mulvihill's

4.  Cronin's /The Stack of Barley

5. O'Donnell's Lament

6. Danny Ab's Slide

7. The Frieze Breeches /Paudeen O'Rafferty

8. Chase Me Charlie /Tom Billy's Favourite

9. Kennedy's Favourite /The Woman of the House

10. Apples in Winter /The Maid on the Green /The Thrush in the Straw

11. The Old Man Rocking the Cradle

12. The Humours of Galtymore /Callaghan's /The New-Mown Meadows

13. Calaghan's /The Rights of Man

14. Johnny When You Die /The Swallow's Tail /Miss MacLeod's.











































































CEFD184 Seoltai Seidte (Setting Sail) 

A remarkable collection. of 20 remastered 78 rpm records made by Gael Linn from 1957 -1961. 43 tracks with a large booklet written by Nicholas Carolan. One of the most outstanding releases in recent years!

1. SEAN'ac DHONNCHA (amhran /song): Bean Phi idin
2. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA (amhran /song): Is I Do Mhamo I
3. SEAN RYAN (fidil /fiddle), ril /reel: The Dash to Portobello
4. SEOSAMH O hEANAI (amhran /song): Caoineadh na dTri Mhuire
5. TOMMY RECK (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), rileanna / reels: Bonny Kate, Mrs McLeod's, The Fermoy Lasses
6. SEOSAMH O hEANAI (amhran /song): Neainsin Brian
7. TOMMY RECK (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), fonn /air: Carolan's Concerto
8. SEOSAMH O hEANAI (amhran /song): Bean an Leanna
9. DENIS MURPHY (fidil /fiddle), rileanna /reels: The Kerry Reel, Colonel Frazer, The Steampacket
10. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA (amhran /song): Mainistir na Buille
11. DENIS MURPHY (fidil /fiddle) rileanna /reels: Saint Anne's, The New-Mown Meadows
12. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA (amhran /song): An Buinnean Bui
13. JOE DEVLIN (fidil /fiddle) poirt /jigs: The Blooming Meadows, The Queen of the Fair, The Luck Penny
14. AODH O DUIBHEANNAIGH (amhrin /song): Geaftai Bhaile Bui
15. JOHNNY PICKERING (fidil /fiddle) poirt /jigs: Jackson's Rum Punch, The Rose in the Heather
16. AODH O DUIBHEANNAIGH (amhran /song): Uirchill an Chreagain
17. SEAN McLAUGHLIN (fidil /fiddle) rileanna /reels: The Earl's Chair, Tom Steele
18. AINE Ni GHALLCHOBHAIR (amhrin /song): Ar Maidin De Mairt
19. JOHNNY PICKERING (fidil /fiddle) comphiopai /hornpipes: The Wily Old Bachelor, The Harvest Home
20. AINE Ni GHALLCHOBHAIR (amhran /song): Brad Bheasach
21. AINE Ni GHALLCHOBHAIR (amhrin /song): Ar a Ghabhail chun an Chuain Damh
22. SEAN McLAUGHLIN (fidil /fiddle), rileanna /reels: Rhattigan's, Mrs McLeod's

1. SEAN de hORA (amhran /song): An Gamhain Geal Ban
2. DENIS MURPHY (fidil /fiddle) rileanna /reels: The Piper's Despair, Jim Kennedy's Favourite
3. DIARMUID O FLATHARTA (amhrin /song): An Seanduime
4. WILLIE CLANCY (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes) form amhrain /song air: Na Connerys
5. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA (amhran /song): An Draighnean Donn
6. PADDY CANNY (fidil /fiddle), pooirt /jigs: Garret Barry's, Brian O'Lynn
7. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA, (amhran /song): Ta na Paipeir dha Saighneail
8. WILLIE CLANCY (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), rileanna /reels: The Old Bush, The Ravelled Hank of Yarn
9. SEAN 'ac DHONNCHA (amhrin /song): Bud Thomais Mhurchadha
10. VINCENT BRODERICK (fliuit /flute), rileanna /reels: Down the Broom, The Boys of Ballisodare
11. SEOSAMH O hEANAI (amhran /song): Amhran na Tra Saine
12. VINCENT BRODERICK (flluit /flute) poirt / jigs: Old Man Dillon, The Battering Ram
13. SEOSAMH O hEANAI (amhrin /song): Amman na Paise
14. PADDY CANNY (fldil /fiddle), rileanna /reels: Lord McDonald's, The Fair of Ballinasloe
15. SEOSAMH O hEANAI (amhran /song): Sadhbh Ni Bhruinneallaigh
16. SEOSAMH O hEANAI (amhrin /song): Is Measa Liom Brodach
17. WILLIE CLANCY (pib uilleann /uilleann pipes), cornphiopai /hornpipes: The Plains of Boyle, The Leitrim Fancy
18. MAIRE Nic DHONNCHADHA (amhrin /song): Caislean Ui Neill
19. JOE BURKE (cairdin /accordion) rileanna / reels: The Golden Keyboard, Farrell O'Gara
20. MAIRE Nic DHONNCHADHA  (amhrin /song): Piopa Ainde Mhoir
21. JOE BURKE (cairdin /accordion), rileanna /reels: The Dawn, The Moving Cloud




































































PPCD002 Keepers of the Flame


Produced for the twentieth anniversary of the travellers’ organization Pavee Point, this CD is a celebration of the music of Ireland’s travellers. Travellers featured include Felix Doran, Finbar Furey, John Doherty, John Rooney, Pecker Dunne, Mickey Dunne, Christy Dunne, and Paddy Keenan. All of these tracks have been previously released. Tracks that have never been heard before are by Kitty Cassidy, and an exciting young singer from Ennis, Mary Frances Keenan. There is also a long track (four reels) from the astonishing Galway family The Raineys, fiddle music recorded in the 1950s and never before released. The fellow travellers are Christy Moore and Sean Tyrrell. Christy has recorded ‘The Travelling People’ with Declan Synnott especially for this album and Sean has likewise recorded ‘Will There Be Any Travellers in Heaven’.


1. Christy Moore & Declan Sinnott: The Travelling People
2. Felix Doran: The Fox Chase
3. Kitty Cassidy: Green Grow the Rushes
4. Paddy & Stephen Rainey: The Sally Gardens - The Bird in the Bush - Rakish Paddy - The Sligo Maid
5. Finbar Furey: Travelling Lady
6. John Doherty: An Chuilfhionn - The Flogging Reel
7.Sean Tyrrell: Are There Any Travellers in Heaven
8. John Rooney: Craig's Pipes
9. Pecker Dunne: Sullivan's John
10. Mickey Dunne: Strike the Gay Harp - Jimmy Ward's - Doberman's Wallet
11. Finbar Furey: Anach Cuain
12. Christy Moore: James Morrison's - Byrne's
13. Mary Frances Keenan: The Home I Left Behind
14. Paddy Keenan: The Steampacket - Miss Mcleod's
15. Bohinta: Gupsy



























































PPCD004 Songs of Irish Travellers


Originally released in 1983 on cassette, these are the songs Tom Munnelly chose himself when he was asked to make a selection of Travellers’ songs for the publication by The European Ethnic Oral traditions. Now re-issued by Pavee Point with a large informative booklet.


1. Mary McDonagh: The Tri-Coloured House.
2. Bernie Reilly: Bernie Reilly's Cant Song.
3. Martin McDonagh: Lady Margaret.
4. John Reilly: John Reilly.
5. John Reilly: Newry Mountain.
6. John Reilly Jnr.: False Lankum.
7. Mary McGrath: As I Went Walking.
8. Mary McGrath: Johnny Barden.
9. Mary McGrath: Ellen Brown.
10. Mickey Connors: Donnybrook Fair.
11. Mickey Connors: The Crabfish.
12. Michael McDonagh: William Scanlon.
13. Winnie O'Donnell: Willie Leonard.















































































Goilin004 Where Linnet's Sing


If you're ever in Dublin and you're looking for the best in traditional Irish singing, the place to head for is the Goilin club. This new CD features four of their resident singers: Jim McFarland, Grace Toland, Mairead Ni Oistin and Antaine O Farachain.


1. True and Single Sailor Grace Toland
2. One Morning in May Jim McFarland
3. 'S Ambó Éara Mairéad Ní Oistin
4. Johnny Seoighe  Antaine Ó Farachain
5. Mountain Streams Jim McFarland
6. Lone Shanakyle Mairéad Ní Oistin
7. Williw Ward Jim McFarland
8. Seacht nDólás na Maighdine Muire  Antaine Ó Farachain
9. The Cambria
Grace Toland
10. Dónall Óg Mairéad Ní Oistin
11. The Lion's Den
Grace Toland
12. The Four Seasons  Antaine Ó Farachain
13. Reaping of the Rushes Green Jim McFarland
14. An Raicín Álainn Mairéad Ní Oistin
15. Pride of Moville Town
Grace Toland
16. Mo Cheallaichín Fionn  Antaine Ó Farachain






















































































CHC 9 The Coleman Country Archive Vol.2 - The Home Place

The second album in this series, produced by P.J. Hernon with field recordings of Sligo musicians from the archives of the Coleman Heritage Center in Gurteen.. Richard Brennan and Tommy Hunt, John McGrath and Lad O'Beirne, Fred Finn, Jim Donoghue, Jackie Coleman, and many more (31 tracks). Includes a hefty booklet with biographical notes on the performers and photos.

1. Dick Brennan and Tommy Hunt/Kill the Bride in Bed,
2. Andy Davey/Jennies Welcome to Charlie, Sailors Bon
3. Sonny McDonagh/Shaskeen, Bag of Spuds
4. Alfie Joe Dinneen & Peg McGrath/Lad O'Beirnes, Fro
5. Dominic Rushe/Miss Monaghan, Clogher
6. Jim Rawl/Humours of Lissadell, Miss McDonald
7. Paddy McDonagh/Féidhlin Brady, The Bard of Armagh
8. Jackie Coleman and Andy Davey/The Old Blackthorn S
9. Phil McConnan/Captain Rock, Old Bush
10. Charlie Higgins and Jack Dolan/Paddy Finlays Fancy
11. Joe and Sheila and Séamus O'Dowd/Girls of Bambridg
12. Jim Rawl and Jimmy McKiernan/Humours of Toomagh an
13. Fred Finn and Sonny Davey/Providence, Boys of Ball
14. Carmel McHale/My Mother is Your Sweetheart
15. Roger and Batty Sherlock/Conlons Dream and Mamma's
16. Sheila O'Dowd/Dowd's No 1, Thrush in the Storm
17. P. Fitzpatrick and Desmond Higgins/Cooley's, Earls
18. Verona Ryan/Sonny's,Fowley's Favourite
19. Jim Donoghue/Maid Behind the Bar, Cooley's
20. Michael Creegan/Wily Old Bachelor
21. Johnny Henry and Joe Dowd/The Doon and Donegal Ree
22. Desmond Higgins/Dillons, Sailors Return
23. Pake Spellman/Boys of the Lough, Devils of Dublin
24. Jack Healy/Lakes of Sligo
25. Dick Brennan and Peter Horan/Killavil Bucks
26. Peter Walsh/Frank Walsh's
27. Paddy Healy/Geese in the bog
28. Paddy Healy/Queen of the May
29. Kevin McHugh/Parish of Knockmore, Green Cottage an
30. Eamonn Cullen/Colonel Rodney and Happy Days of You
31. John McGrath and Lad O'Beirne/Farrell O'Gara














































































FSCD70 Anglo International  

Anglo concertina playing from around the world' with John Kirkpatrick, Noel Hill, Niall Vallely, Scan Tester, Fred Kilroy, Chris Sherburn, Andy Turner, Bertram Levy, Frank Edgley, Andrew Blakeney-Edwards, Roger Digby, Bob Davenport, Nigel Chippendale, Harry Scurfield, Will Duke, Regardt de Bruin, Tom Lawrence, Roger Edwards with Trio Threlfall, Mary MacNamara, Kate McNamara, Mandy Murray, John Watcham, Zulu Squashbox, Zak van der Vyver, Felix Castro, Jody Kruskal, Alan Day. Previously unreleased archive recordings and specially commissioned recordings with a 48-page booklet .


Disc 1
Alan Day
1. Limey Pete/Billy Whitlock’s
2. Rosbif Waltz
Frank Edgley
3. The Blue-eyed Rascal (set dance)
4. The Maid of Feakle / Over the Moor to Maggie (reels)
5. Archie’s Fancy / Elsie Marley / The Muckin’ of Geordie’s Byre (waltz, jigs)
Roger Digby & Bob Davenport
6. Ain’t Misbehavin’ (Waller arr. Digby)
7. Over the Rainbow(Arlen/Harbury)/The Lady is a Tramp(Rodgers/Hart)
8. The Bonny Lass/ The Merry Month of May (Trad arr Digby)
9. Sous Les Toits de Paris (Nazelles/Moretti arr Davenport,Digby)
Nigel Chippendale
10. Petit Valse/Mazurka
John Watcham
11. Morris Tune Medley
Tom Lawrence
12. The Humors of Tullycrine/The Fairies (Hornpipes)
13. The Old Yellow Tinker/The Yellow Tinker (Reels)
14. Winnie Hayes/Julia Clifford's (Jigs)
Harry Scurfield
15. St James Infirmary
Will Duke
16. General Jackson Schottische/Untitle Schottische/Untitled Schottische
17. Untitled Waltz (from Scan Tester)/Green Hills of Ireland Waltz
Regardt de Bruin
18. Saterdagaand Settees
19. Fynloop Settees
20. Herinnering Aan Bles
Roger Edwards with Trio Threlfall
21. Double Lead Through (English country dance)
22. Bonny Labouring Boy (Eng. trad)
23. The Rose Polka
Mary MacNamara
24. The Corn Stack/The Trip to Sligo (Reels)
25. No names (Jigs)
26. The Mountain Top/Bill Whalley’s (Reels)

Disc 2
Andrew Blakeney-Edwards
1. Maple Leaf Rag
2. Rondo a la Turque
3. Dearest Dicky
Kate McNamara
4. John Brennans/The Mossy Banks (Reels)
5. The Gold Ring/Jim McHughes (Jigs)
6. The Bee’s Wing/The Flowing Tide (Hornpipes)
Andy Turner
7. Bedfordshire March / The Decennial
8. Packington's Pound / All in a Garden Green
Mandy Murray
9. Eddie Kelly’s Jigs
10. Mandy Murray’s
11. The Drogheda Lasses/The game of love
Zulu Squashbox music
12. Ntombi Suka S’Hambe
13. Matshidiso
Scan Tester
14. 17th March Jig
15. Step Dance Tune
16. Un-named Schottische
17. Step dance tune/Roaming in the Gloaming/I love a lassie
Bertram Levy
18. Paddyrocker
19. Jig Medley
20. Reb Dovidls Nign
Zak van der Vyver
21. Ashton
22. Only Child
23. Wipneusie
John Kirkpatrick
24. Poppa Piccolino.
25. Gigue
26. The Hen's March to the Midden
27. The Fellow that Played the Trombone

Disc 3
Chris Sherburn
1. The Lilting Banshee/Sean Ryan’s Jig
2. Sliabh Russell/The Hunter’s Purse/The Collier’s Reel
Andy Turner
3. Sadlors Baloon / Eastwell Park
4. March from Scipio / Iron Legs
Niall Vallely
5. The Iron Man/Highland/James Byrne’s Reel/Con McGinley’s Reel
6. The Mathematician/The Independent/Sean McGuire’s Reel
7. Round Midnight
Felix Castro
8. Muinhera de Sobrado dos Monxes
9. Repimpin
Fred Kilroy
10. Blaze Away
11. Southern Selection
12. Old Comrades March
Jody Kruskal
13. Krazy for Kasha/Fresh Start/Running for your life (Reels)
14. Simple Simon/Manic Holiday/Parnell’s March (Jigs)
Noel Hill
15. The Lament for Limerick (Slow air)
16. The road to Garrison/Dr Gilbert’s Reel/The thrush in the storm
17. Fanny Power/Tabhair dom do Lamh
































































MTCD329-0 The Hardy Son's of Dan


Traditional songs recorded by Keith Summers in Co. Fermanagh.


Adieu to Lovely Garrison Packie McKeaney
The Constant Farmer's Son James McDermott
The Reaping of the Rushes Green Philip McDermott
The Huntsman's Horn James and Paddy Halpin
Molly Bawn Maggie Murphy
Willie Rambler James Halpin
Let the Wind Blow High or Low James McDermott
Donagh Hill Red Mick McDermott
To Reap and Mow the Hay James and Paddy Halpin
My Father's Serving Boy Maggie Murphy
The Thoughts of Long Ago James McDermott
Bad Luck Attend the Old Farmer James Halpin
The Hardy Sons of Dan Red Mick McDermott
Johnny Harte James Halpin
With the Old Navvy Boots On James McDermott
Cavenagh Hill James Halpin
Marrowbones Red Mick McDermott
The Wild Side of Life Maggie Murphy
The Kildallan Brown Red James and Paddy Halpin


The Huntsman's Horn Big John Maguire
Willie-O Maggie Murphy
Bonny Wood Green Packie McKeaney
Seek Not from Whence Love She Came Mary Anne Connelly
The Grangemore Hare Patsy Flynn
Young Edmund Maggie Murphy
Bring the Gold Cup Back to Newtown Big John Maguire
The Lisburn Lass Mary Anne Connelly
The Clones Murder Tom Tinneny
Killyburn Brae Maggie Murphy
Willie Leonard Patsy Flynn
Lough Ooney Big John Maguire
Lurgan Stream Mary Anne Connelly
The Green Fields of Ferbane Big John Maguire
Seven Years Since I had a Sweetheart Maggie Murphy
The Town I Loved So Well Big John Maguire and daughter Kate
Barbara Allen Patsy Flynn
The Little Old Mud Cabin on the Hill Eddie Coyle



































































Goilin 005-06 Around the Hills of Clare


Jim Carroll and Pat Mackenzie's 1973-2004 recordings of 16 singers from west Co Clare. Includes Tom Lenihan, Nora Cleary, Straighty Flanagan & Ollie Conway. Published in collaboration with An Góilín traditional singers' club, Dublin.


1. Tom Lenihan - Hills of Clare
2. Nora Cleary - Little Ball of Yarn
3. Martin Howley - Golden Glove
4. Vincie Boyle - Patrick Sheehan
5. Martin Reidy - Peeler and the Goat
6. Ollie Conway - Banks of Sullane
7. Tom Lenihan - Constant Farmer's Son
8. Tom Lenihan - Talk about belief in story
9. Pat MacNamara - Banks of the Nile
10. Nonie Lynch - Shannon Scheme
11. Jamesie McCarthy - Kerry Cock
12. Nora Cleary - Lord Levett
13. Austin Flanagan - Green Flag of Erin
14. Nora Cleary - East Clare Election
15. Martin Reidy - Lismore Turkeys
16. Kitty Hayes - May Morning Dew
17. 'Straighty' Flanagan - Banks of Sweet Dundee
18. Martin Howley - Blow the Candle Out
19. Mikey Kelleher - Quilty Burning
20. Tom Lenihan - Croppy Boy
21. Martin Reidy - Maid of the Moorlough Shore
22. Martin Howley - North Star
23. Patrick Lynch - Battle of Billingsgate (recitation)

1. Nora Cleary - Lilting
2. Martin Howley -Doctor Crippen
3. Austin Flanagan - O'Reilly to America
4. Martin Long - Child In The Budget
5. Vincie Boyle - Three Brave Blacksmiths
6. Tom Lenihan - Caroline of Edinburgh
7. 'Straighty' Flanagan - Sprightly Young Damsel
8. Nora Cleary - Mac and Shanahan
9. Pat MacNamara - I Left my Hand
10. Martin Howley - The Old Armchair
11. Vincie Boyle - The Half Crown
12. Martin Reidy - O'Reilly from the County Kerry
13. Mikey Kelleher - Daughter Dearest Daughter
14. Michael Flanagan - Girl from Clahandine
15. Ollie Conway - Stór Mo Croí
16. Jamesie McCarthy - The Titanic
17. Nonie Lynch - My Good Looking Man
18. Pat MacNamara - Mr Woodhurren's Courtship
19. 'Straighty' Flanagan - Erin's Lovely Home
20. Martin Howley - Donnelly
21. Tom Lenihan - Cailín Deas Cruíte Na mBó
22. Tom Lenihan - Talk about 'the blas'
23. Martin Reidy - Tangaloni
24. Kitty Hayes - Farewell To Miltown Malbay














































































CDTCD007 Blasta


A great introduction to Irish music, including De Danann, Clannad, Mary Bergin, Dolores Keane, Paddy Glackin and other big names in the world of Irish music.


1. De Danann: The Cameronian Reel - The Doon Reel.
2. Aoife Ni Fhearraigh: Ansacht na nAnsacht.
3. Colm Murphy & De Danann: Sean sa Cheo - The Mason’s Apron.
4. Tony McMahon & Noel Hill: The Maids of Castlebar - The Collier’s Reel.
6. Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill: Is Fada Liom Uaim I.
7. Buttons & Bows: The Danish Quadrille.
8. Noirin Ni Riain & The Monks of Glenstal Abbey: We Venerate Thy Cross.
9. Clannad: Cucanandy - The Jug of Brown ale.
10. Mary Bergin: The Floggin Reel - The Ivy Leaf - Trim the Velvet.
11. Dolores Keane: Jimmy Mo Mhile Stor.
12. Paddy Glackin: John Stewart’s - James Byrne’s - Pretty Peg - Miss Patterson’s Slipper.
13. Triona Ni Dhomhnaill: The Wee Lass on the Brae.
14. Paddy Keenan: The Ballintore Jig.
























































































CDTCD008 Binn Blasta


A celebration of 40 years of Gael Linn recording Irish music, with some of the great names that have been recorded by the label.

1. De Danan: Langstrom’s Pony - The Top Room - Lord Ramsey’s Reel.
2. Clannad: Dulaman na Binne Bui.
3. Brian Hughes: The Ships are Sailing - Ambrose Maloney’s - The New Mown Meadows.
4. Aoife Ni Fhearraigh: Cailin na Gruiage Baine.
5. Buttons & Bows: The Exile’s Return - Dick Sands.
6. Mary Black & General Humbert: Mo Ghile Mear.
7. Carl Hession & Celtic Orchestra: Morning Gallop.
8. Paddy Glackin: Sporting Paddy - John Doherty’s - McFarleys.
9. Padraigin Ni Uallachain: Ta an Oiche Seo Dorcha.
10. Paul Brock & The Moving Cloud: Down by the Glen - The Lass on the Strand.
11. Seosaimhin Ni Bheaglaoich: Donal Og.
12. Mary Bergin: Dulaman na Binne bui - A Stor a Stor A Ghra - The Blackhaired Lass.
13. Dolores Keane: Thuas ag Gort a’Charnain.
14. Frankie Lane: Da Slockit Light.
15. Maighread Ni Dhomhnaill: Amhran Pheadar Bhreathnach.
16. Sean Ryan: Brodericks - the Galway rambler.
17. Dordan: The Farewell Air.
18. Padraic Mac Mathuna: The Tennessee Waltz - Keep the Old Ark Rolling.






















































































CEFCD110 Mná na hÉireann /Women of Ireland


Mna na hEireann is a collection of songs and tunes which celebrates a musical adventure which began in Dublin in 1984. It was then that more than twenty women came together to express their music and their creativity as a group. No better day for it than March 8th, International Women's Day. Although all the women were based in Dublin they brought with them music from all parts of the country adding richness and interest to the overall sound of the band. They came from Clare, Galway, Wexford, Meath, Westmeath, Donegal, Belfast, Dublin, Kerry, and Cork.


1. An Cailin Aerach
2. Reels: O'Dowd's - The Union Reel
3. Mna na hEireann
4. Jigs: An Seanduine Doite - Paddy Canny's
5. Bhi Mise La
6. Reels: Blackberry Blossom - Lord McDonnell - Vinvent Broderick's
7. Highlands - The Congress Reel
8. Eibhlin Gheal Chiuin
9. Jigs: Cobblers - Strop the Razor
10. Taimse 'gus Maire
11. Hornpipes: The Chancellor - Paddy Sullivan's
12. Aililiu na Gamhna












































































RTÉ 280CD Ceol agus Foinn Scoil Samhraidh Wilie Clancy

A selection of music and song recorded by RTÉ Raidió na Gaeltachta at the Willie Clancy Summer School, Scoil Samhraidh Willie Clancy, in recent years. Artists include PJ Crotty, Micko Russell, Joe Ryan, Seán Ryan, John McEvoy and Paddy Canny.

1.  Turnamh Thomáis Mhic an Bhaird, Ríl Mhuileann an Bhata
2.  Poirt Christy Barry
3.  An tSeansceach icon
4.  The Boys of Barr na Sráide
5.  Páidín Scléipeach, Iníon an Mhuilleora, Na Muillte ag Meilt
6.  Máirseáil Chlann Uí Dhonnabháin, Port Pháidín Mhic Fhlannchadha, Bláithín an Chnoic Rua
7.  Sliabh Ruiséal, Tabhair Dúinn Deoch Uisce
8.  Tá Bó agam ar an tSliabh
9.  The Job of Journeywork
10. Sceach san Ruth, An Chloch Aoil
11.  Bhaltsa Franncach, Port Willie Coleman
12.  An Pláta Cupair, Ríl Átha Cliath
13.  Dónall Óg
14.  Rogha Ghráinne, Rothaí an tSaoil icon
15.  Slán le Máighe
16.  An Buachaill ar Bharr an Chnoic, Seáinín Imithe chuig an gCéilí
17.  Ríleanna Mhic Seáin
18.  An Muigín Leanna, Port Mhic Ellis
19.  John Peyton, Seáinín Imithe chuig an gCéilí, An Gorsún a bhuail a Athair, An tSlat Chaol Fhada


20.  Gabhair an Duánaí, Bocanna Órán Móir
21.  Páidín Doscúch
22.  An Iorna Snáithe in Aimhréidh, Cósta na hOstaire
23.  Buail an Chláirdeach Chaoin
24.  Caisleán Uí Néill icon
25.  An Crann Daraí
26.  Polka, Haughs of Cromdale
27.  The Bogs of Seanaheevar
28.  Miss Wallace
29.  Port Scully Uí Chathasaigh, Port Bobby
30.  Amhrán na Leabhar, Didtherumdoda, Bóthar an tSléibhe, Ríl an Dúna, Ríl Uí Chealleacháin
31.  An Súistín Bán
32.  Laoidh a' Chon Duibh
33.  An Mám Eochracha
34.  Bláthanna Aontroma, Pléaráca na Tulaí, Cailíní Chúigiú icon
35.  Bean an Tincéara
36.  An Caisleán Óir
37.  Loch na gCaor, Bímis ag Ól is ag Pósadh na mBan
38.  Sú Talún Fiáin ar an gCnoc, Eireaball an Chapaill
39. -Ríl an Chonsairtín
40.  Droichead Abhann Uí Chearnaigh, Ríl Tom Billy





































































CEFCD189  Geantrai


Well known faces of the Irish music scene captured in live sessions around Ireland for the TG4 TV series. Featuring the likes of Boys Of The Lough, At The Racket, Joe Burke & Matt Molloy, Jackie Daly, Mairtin O'Connor and many more. See the track list!

1. Providence - Reels: The Glenntan Reel - The Sandymount Reel - The Beauty Spot - The Ravelled Haank of Yarn - The Midnight Reeel
2. Liz & Yvonne Kane & John Blake - Jigs: Jigs For Jimmy - Betsy's Delight
3. Jackie Daly & Seamus Creagh - Polkas: Bill Sullivan's Polka - The Britches Full of Stitches
4. Gerry O'Connor & Tom Kenna - Reels: George White's Favourite - High Drive - Faich's Fancy
5. Seamus O'Beaglaoich & Jim Murray - Song: An Ciarraoich Mallaithe
6. The Boys of The Lough - Hornpipes: The Steamboat - The Sheffield Hornpipe
7. At First Light - March & Reel: Rose In the Gap - Old Dudeen
8. Conor Keane, Meabh Boyd & Martin O'Mally - Waltz: The Star of Brittany
9. At the Racket - Barn Dance & Reels: Far From Home - The Sally Gardens - The Sligo Maid
10. Brid Ni Mhaoilchiarain - Song: Neaisin Bhan
11. Joe Burke, Matt Molloy & Anne Conroy Burke - Reels: The Gooseberry Bush - The Limestone Rock
12. Gay McKeon - Air & Set Dance: Bean Dubh a' Ghleanna - The Ace & Deuce of Piping
13. Dana Lyn, Patrick Ourceau & Eamon O'Leary - Reels: The New Road - Paddy Fahey's
14. Charlie Lennon & Johnny Og Connolly - Barn Dances: Step It out Joe - Murphy the Big Man
15. John Spillane - Song: All the Ways You Wander
16. Ronan Browne & Peter O'Loughlin - Slip Jigs: Taim in Arrears - Hardiman the Fiddler
17. Vincent, Jimmy & Peter Campbell - Highlands: The Orange & Blue - The Braes of Mar - The Keelrow
18. Noel Hill & Tony Linnane - Jigs: Old Tipperary - Down the Back Lane
19. Mairtin O'Connor, Cathal Hayden, Brendan Larrissey, Dessie Adams, Brendan O'Regan & Johnny McDonagh - Reels: Devaney's Ghost - The Green Fields of Rossbeigh - The Dairymaid.




































































CICD 146 Caise Ceoil

An exciting compilation of the best traditional Irish music and song released by Cló Iar- Chonnachta from 1995 – 2000. 22 tracks showcase the quality of recent releases. Featuring Johnny Connolly, Johnny Óg Connolly, Marcus & P.J. Ó hIarnáin, Seán Hernon, Paddy Canny, Catherine Mc Evoy, Peadar Ó Ceannabháin, Ben Lennon, Eilís Ní Shúilleabháin, Charlie Piggott and many more!

1. Johnny Og Connolly & Brian McGrath: The Carraroe Jig /Homage to Rooney.
2. Marcas O'Murchu: The Coalminer's Reel.
3. Paddy Canny: The Gallowglass /The Rakes of Clonmel.
4. Marcus & PJ Hernon: The Golden Plover /The Bobbing Sandpiper.
5. Gabriel McArdle: Flora.
6. Catherine McEvoy: The Haunted House /The Banshee's Wail.
7. Johnny Connolly: The Swallow's Tail.
8. Joe Ryan: The Old Torn Petticoat/Rakish Paddy.
9. Charlie Piggott & Gerry Harrington: James McMahon /Paddy Mullin's.
10. Eilis Ni Shuilleabhain: Hide & Go Seek.
11. Sean Hernon: Dwyer's / Billy Bocker's Reels.
12. Johnny Og Connolly & Brian McGrath: The Happy Hornpipe / The Souvenier.
13. Marcas O'Murchu: Farewell to Kennedy / The Man in the Bog / Johnny Henry's.
14. Ben Lennon & Friends: Mick McNamara's /Touch Me If You Dare.
15. Peadar O'Ceannabhain: An Rogaire Dubh / Na Ceannabhain Bhaina / Paidin O'Raifeartaigh.
16. Johnny Connolly: That's Right Too /The LeadingRole.
17. Paddy Canny: The Daisy Field / Molly Bawn.
18. Marcus & PJ Hernon: The Linnet's Chorus / The Beautiful Goldfinch.
19. Catherine McEvoy: The Duke of Leinster /The Ladie's Pantalettes.
20. Charlie Piggott & Gerry Harrington: The Rakish Highlander / Toss the Feathers.
21. Gearoidin Breathnach: An Drioghnean Donn.
22. The Bridge Ceili Band: The Gravel Walks / Jackson's / Martin Fallon's First Night in America.






























































CICD 112 Celebration

The best of music from Cló Iar-Chonnachta’s releases from 1985 – 1995, including sean nós singing, traditional singing in English and traditional music. Among the artists featured are; Nioclás Tóibín, Dara Bán, Seán 'ac Dhonncha, Seán & Pádraig Keane, Conor Byrne, Micheál Ó Raghallaigh, Ann Mulqueen, Antóin Mac Gabhann, Lillis Ó Laoire and Eilín Ní Bheaglaoich.

1. An Crúiscín Lán icon
2. The Bright Side of the Moon
3. Cailleach an Airgid
4. Crann Úll
5. An Bhruinnillín Bhéasach
6. Bean Pháidín
7. Sadhbh Ní Mhuiníle
8. Bantry Girls Lament
9. Brosna Town
10. An Chearc is an Coileach icon
11. Cian
12. Bithbhuan



































































CEFCD203 Seoda Ceoil 1&2


This double CD comprises a set of recordings of genuine Irish traditional music dating from the late 1960s which were published on LP and tape by Gael Linn, in association with Comhaltas Ceoltoirí Éireann. The two CDs give us a glimpse of the pure style of traditional music as played by the masters in 1968-9. County, local, and individual styles and tunes are given pride of place.

Disc One.
Willie Clancy:
1. Old Hag you have Killed Me/Old Tipperary
2. The Boy in the Gap/Sean Reid's Fancy
3. The Bold Trainer O
4. Harrai na Saileog
Sean O Conaire:
5. An Cumann Grarr
John Kelly:
6. The Old Concertina Reel/Tom Keane's Reel
7. John Kelly's Jig
8. The Tinker's Wife/The Flogging Reel
9. Bimis ag Ol/Patsy Geary's Jig
10. The Moveen Reel/Mary Delany's
11. The Humours of Carrigaholt
12. Mikey Callaghan's Jig
13. Caher Rua
14. The Cabin Hunter/Delia Crowley's Reel
Sean O Conaire:
15. Ceann gan Arann
Willie Clancy:
16.Jim Ward's/Strop the Razor

Disc Two.
Seamus Ennis
1. Cois Abhann na Sead/O'Callaghan's Hornpipe
Sean Keane
2. The Oak Tree
Seosamh O hEanai
3. Amhran na Paise
Seamus Ennis
4. Miss Monaghan/The Flags of Dublin/Hand me Down the Tackle
5.James Gannon's Jig/The Castlebar Races
Seosamh O hEanai
6. D'eirigh me ar Maidin
Seane Keane
7. Jennie's Welcome to Charlie/The Connaught Heifer
8. The Wind that Shakes the Barley/Drowsy Maggie
Seamus Ennis
9. Cronan na Mathar/Fr.Jack Walshe
Seosamh O hEanai
10. A Chailin Bhig na Luachra
11.The Green Gates/Miss Thornton
Sean Keane
12Willie Clancy's Fancy/Garrett Barrett's Fancy
Seamus Ennis
13. Colonel Frazer/The Braes of Busby
14.Tom Moran's Fancy/The Streamstown Jig
Seamus Ennis
15. O'Keefe's Plough/The Merry Blacksmith/The Music of the Forge




































































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